Thursday, 21 April 2011


This is the time when trees are wrapped with white or pink flowers instead of green leaves. This is the time when parents take their children to parks, letting the young child sit on top of dad's shoulders as the child tries to reach up to the flowers. This is the time when large cameras as expensive as motorcycles are brought along to the park by the owners to take pictures of their heavily make-up spouses. This is spring. Simply said. lol.

This is some pictures taken last weekend where I followed a friend to Yeoido Park which is a few minutes bus ride north from my house. There was a crowd at the park, the next photo shows it.
"Yeoido Park Spring Crowd" by Adzrin Mansor
This is actually a sidewalk that has a row of cherry blossom trees. The trees that aligns with the sidewalk really gives out a romantic atmosphere for the people who walks below it.
"Adzrin at Yeoido Park" by Izmir Khalish
"Adzrin at Yeoido Park 2" by Izmir Khalish
Well to get the idea of how many people was there, probably the picture below proves it. The next photo is a photo of the flower up close.
"Yoeido Park Skyscrapers" by Adzrin Mansor
"Yeoido Park Flower" by Adzrin Mansor
It is one of nature's wonder. How could different trees knew when they should bloom their flowers at the exact same time? The neighbourhood where I live was not exempted from the 'pact'. It was flowering here too.
"The House at Boramae" by Adzrin Mansor
"Abang Long Boramae" by Adzrin Mansor
I'll take more pictures soon so follow me up!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Ha? Korea?

Yesterday I went to a friend's house in Gocheok, about 30 minutes from Boramae Park, the place where I live. They just moved from Sindaebang to a better house there. Since there was many people visiting the new house and yesterday was a friend's birthday, I decided to buy some pizza for them. The pizza was the normal cheese pizza that I usually ate, but eating with a group of people makes it tastes even better. Well, talking about these places I think this is the best time to talk about my life in Korea. I am still new here in Korea, about one and a half months, so the city is not yet my territory yet. It is not surprising when my friends, mostly boys like to ask "Hows the girls there?" and the likes. Well television artistes are always beautiful, same with other countries but here the common people mostly look, common. They are normal people like Malaysians too. But, if you're lucky enough, you'll find a drama actress looking lady somewhere.

On the way home yesterday I stopped at a fast food restaurant called Lotteria for dinner. With my Korean artiste wannabe hair, complete with a radioactive yellow headphone hanging on my neck, I trodded my way towards the counter where a young lady, perhaps a year or two older than me stands. The cashier girl is somewhat pretty... She quickly initiates the conversation in a very feminine (korean kawaii kinda stuff) way, "안녕하세요... 뭐 드릴까요?" or something like "Hello, how can I help you?" Then I confidently saying "레드&화이트버거세트 하나 주세요... 포장 주세요..." or translated as "One Red and White Burger set please... Take out please..." It went well till she said something about "형금 카드" which are some cards that I am not sure about. I just can utter "괜찮아요..." or something like "yes it's ok" and she just smiled. Okay I will never have a Korean girlfriend if I can't speak Korean well. lol.
"SNU Gate in WInter" by Ashwini Ann
Above is a photo of me in front of the Seoul National University gate, the place where I continue my studies in Korean language. Actually I am not a university student yet, because only next year I can enter a Korean university, continuing my studies in engineering. Local students of my age now are hustling their way in university entry exams in their respective high schools, as they are at their final year there.

At the south end of the campus there is a mountain that me and my friends conquered a few weeks ago. It was not as high as Kinabalu Mountain but still it was challenging to me. Here's a picture.
"On The Top of The World" by Adriance Valantine
Of course some escapades in the city centre...
"Chunggaechun Stream Dongdaemun Nightscape" by Adzrin Mansor
"Chunggaechun Stream" by Izmir Khalish
There are so many challenges living and studying abroad as an international student but I think the challenges are something that not many people have the chance to experience. I have the chance. Guess what, I'm gonna stay...

Friday, 15 April 2011

Shut Up!

Okay I'm turned on so lets go back to business. Today while waiting for my phone to charge to full, I am going to talk about the shutter and aperture. For new semi-pro or DSLR users, do pay attention as this is one of the most important thing to decide when taking a photo using those cameras. In my previous post, I've talked about shutter speed, which is the time duration of the shutter being opened and closed again. Camera is a visual apparatus so they are simply compared to a human eye. Shutter can be said to be like the human eyelids, but imagine your eyelids are always remain closed. Then you want to take a photo, then you open your eyelids for a duration of time, recording the picture and closing it again. Simply said. The shutter speed is measured by seconds, ranging from as fast as 1/2000 seconds to as slow as a few minutes. A sample picture with a slow shutter speed is like the following.
"Playing With Light" by Adzrin Mansor
Now shutter speed works with its close friend, which is aperture. The aperture is something like the pupils in your eyes, its the hole that is located in the centre of the Iris or the coloured part of the human eye. Well our pupils can dilate and contract according to light conditions, making the hole smaller in bright light and bigger in twilight situations. The camera aperture does practically the same. The aperture opening size is measured in f-stop values, for example F1.4, F2.8, and F22.0. The smaller the value, the larger the opening.

How does this duo work together? Usually photographers would want the fastest shutter speed the camera can offer. Therefore they like to set it at F2.8 which is the lowest f-stop value most cameras offer. In fine light situations, it will offer a lovely 1/250s shutter speed for example. The small value are also gives the effect of background blur which is probably the most attention grabbing result from a DSLR. But you wouldn't want to use a small f-stop at a bright sunny beach as your pictures will be plain white. Use a large f-stop shooting a night panorama, your shutter speed will suffer or your pictures will be just plain black. The following photo is a photo taken using a small f-stop value, which gives an effect of a blurry background and gives a sense of depth in the photo. It is taken on 1/400s with F4.1, telephoto zoom.
"Photography Craze at Dataran Merdeka" by Adzrin Mansor
I can't give much about the values of aperture and shutter speed because it varies widely in different conditions. I like to use F2.8 with various shutter speeds depending on light conditions when I am on Manual mode, practically I would change the settings on the spot. Some would ridicule people using Aperture Priority or Shutter Priority modes because it is auto. Using manual is much more fun as it challenges you to take good pictures and change settings as fast as a few seconds. It is not wrong to use auto modes but when the time is right, play with manual mode. If the results came out good, you'll have more pride to your work. Remember! Play more, learn more...

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

April Update

This is another update about my family. My mother was hospitalised for a few days because she was suspected with cancer in the uterus and the doctor decided to remove it. The operation ended successfully a few days ago and my mum is on recovery.
mum and dad listening to the doctor, by Azahar Mansor
mum after the operation, by Azahar Mansor
I felt quite bad. A family member is in agony but there is nothing I can do but to simply watch. I am thousands of miles away to lend a hand. It was heartbreaking. I kept that feeling inside me as I believe things will be better soon. I prayed for her health to be better and day by day the wish is granted... The doctor released her from the ward yesterday so it is good news. I don't have to worry much any more. This will be an inspiring spirit for me to live better and seek success for myself and also my family. I feel better now as my mum is in good hands. The hands that operated her was the same hands that brought me to this world on the day I was born. Now she is in good care of my family members. I pray for your health always, mum. I am fine here so do not worry about me, take good care of yourself so that you can come here and visit me again. Get well quickly okay?

The sudden change in hairstyle? Some might not believe it but it is directly linked to the feeling I had. I wanted to do something crazy to distract my head away from thinking about problems around me. Its like a form of dramatic escapism or something. Thanks to my best friend Phuah Wei Xin for her help listening to what I regurgitated from the inside of my heart for days and advised me to be stronger. I am now. With the change in haircut, I am changed too. I am determined to change myself to the better and of course, study better. In Korea, winter had turned into spring, where the temperature is cold at night but comfortably cool during the day. With new season coming up, I will try to catch up my studies and at the same time, enjoy the beauty of spring!

New hair, new style, new me!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

I'm innocent! I have been framed!

Welcome to the magical world of photography where photos are folklores and photographers are the storytellers. I would say that taking great photos of people are the hardest. It is easy to take boring photos like the subject is placed at the dead centre of the frame, smiling inhumanly to the camera in an uncomfortable pose. But to take photos of people with honest facial impressions and in a natural pose is really a challenge for me. Picture worth moments only happens in a blink of the eye. You sometimes can't think that fast to frame the photo.

Some people may ask why I am talking about all these stuff. I am not like a pro photographer but I think that simple techniques of photography should be applied every time a picture is taken, even if the photo is taken using a camera phone as good photos are not judged by the camera it were shot but the content of the photo. Today I am going to talk about framing, it is probably one of the most important thing to do in taking any photo. Well it the term 'frame' in photography is not like doing bad stuff to someone like 'framing someone'. Then photographers are cold blooded murderers where they frame someone, then shoot him and then hang him on the wall. Framing is simply taking into consideration of the things you want to be in your picture when you are composing the photo. I once said a photo is like a book. It paints a thousand words. Framing the photo basically describing what the situation is all about. 

"Fikri Lost in Seoul" by Adzrin Mansor
In this photo we can see the primary subject, Fikri Ahmad is frowning upon a problem he his facing at a street near Gwanghwamun Station in Seoul. If I capture him alone, the photo will be about him, just frowning on something we dont know. But then I lift the frame upwards showing the large buildings behind, dwarfening him in a middle of a busy city. So this gives the impression of him being 'dwarfed' by the world and perhaps is lost. The secondary subject, Izmir Khalish, looks at a different direction like in search of a way to go. This further emphasises the effect of 'being lost'. Nice eh?

"Gwanaksan Photographer" by Adzrin Mansor
This is another photo sample taken at one of the peaks of Gwanak Mountain near Seoul National University. The photos taken up here usually tries to carry the meaning of 'this place is high, I have arrived at the top'. Framing is imperative here because photographers would want to convey the idea of the height of where they are now. Notice how I emphasise the height of where the subject, Aiman Ashari is standing? Its simply including the reference points needed for the feeling of height. Well, congratulations, you have an idea how to frame your photo. Framing actually have very wide variations.

Before we wrap up the post I would like to put forward two framing techniques commonly used in mobile photography. Mobile phones have limited angle, not like DSLR cameras that uses wide angle lenses, this is why careful framing techniques must be put into practice.
"The Hole 1" by Adzrin Mansor using an LG Optimus One
Looking at the photo, the photographer wants to tell the viewers there is a hole in the floor. But then people will ask, "how big is the hole" "where is this hole?" "whats that red building?"

"The Hole 2" by Adzrin Mansor using an LG Optimus One
This second shot gives people an idea of where the size and location of the hole by inserting a reference point in it. There you go. Happy shooting~

Kuala Lumpur

Today I am feeling a bit homesick. I was listening to Fly FM broadcast online and I could still remember me in Malaysia, sitting in my dad's Toyota listening to Ryan Seacrest in American Top 40 blasting through the Fujitsu subwoofers. I still remember listening the strange chinese accent of the Fly FM rush hour traffic reporter, listening for less congested road options in a middle of a morning traffic jam. I still remember laughing out loud listening to Phat Phabes quarrelling with Ben late at night. I still remember the best times I spend in my city, snapping photos while listening to the chatter by the guys. The radio station meant a lot to me. I love it for representing KL in such a memorable way. I have been to many cities around the world but I am very familiar to KL, it is like an old house to me, I know where to kick to get the door open. Therefore this post will be dedicated to my lovely city that has been my home for nearly my whole lifetime.

"KL from My Neighbourhood" by Adzrin Mansor
"KLCC Park" by Adzrin Mansor
"KLCC Skyline"
Love ya KL...

Friday, 8 April 2011


There was a time where I was left with a compact point-and-shoot in pure darkness. It is the time to play! Lets get technical again. Photography is all about light, the different frequencies of light waves gives light its colours. The world will never be this beautiful if it is black and white! When taking photos, the camera's light sensor records the light that it sees as photos. In twilight situations, there is less light available for the camera to 'see' so most camera does a pretty smart trick, expose the sensor longer so that more light gathers at the sensor. Here's a real world example. Usually the photos taken on a bright day just need 1/250 seconds of exposure. but when there is not much light around, the exposure time is about 4 seconds. Get it?
Congratulations! You just learnt about shutter speed!

The following photos were taken from my point-and-shoot camera a few years ago, It is taken when I am in my family's car at night. The long exposure creates the trails of light. This technique produces great abstract photos.
"Pasar Malam Seri Gombak" by Adzrin Mansor
"Highway 1" by Adzrin Mansor
"Highway 2" by Adzrin Mansor
"Highway 3" by Adzrin Mansor
There is also another technique, I shot pictures while leaving the camera on a pocket tripod stand. The camera is at a fixed location but I move the light around forming a trail of light.
"Light Vase" by Adzrin Mansor
"Light Squid" by Adzrin Mansor
Colours also play an imperative role in pictures. These are just abstracts that I took just for fun and sometimes I think it is quite messy...

"Karak Highway Toll" by Adzrin Mansor

"Tomyam Light" by Adzrin Mansor
"Three Headless Woman" by Adzrin Mansor

Talking to the Moon

Owning a camera with telephoto zoom function, its a sad thing not to utilise it. So in a calm night on 27th March 2010, the moon was in full phase, reflecting full sunlight to the Earth.  The moon had quite a reputation in classic literature in poetic situations where the persona was admiring its beauty, missing someone and comparing the beloved's beauty to the beauty of the moon. Neat huh? It is still admired by billions of people worldwide where it faithfully orbits our home planet. It also can tell the air quality by judging at the moon's colour intensity.

At that night, I took out my camera stand and set it up at my house's parking lot, aiming my camera to the full moon. Now here's the technical part, I zoomed my lens to the maximum which is 92mm. At that length the lowest f-stop I could get is F4.5 and I used a shutter speed of 1/250 seconds. I also turned down the Exposure Compensation value to -2.0. With image stabilisation turned off and camera at a stable stand, I used a 2 second timer to avoid movement of the camera when pressing the shutter button. For those who may have no idea what these things are all about, don't worry, I will post what those things mean soon. Well, some said that photography is no child's play... 

"Ecliptic 1" by Adzrin Mansor
"Ecliptic 2" by Adzrin Mansor
"Ecliptic 3" by Adzrin Mansor
Well, notice there is some distortions on the edges of bright and dark colours? Well I used digital zoom to get closer to the moon. This is why it is recommended to get a lens with proper telephoto capabilities such as 200mm lens and its cousins. Look forward for more post soon...

Thursday, 7 April 2011

17th March Blackout: Astrology Night

In every photo there is a story behind it. Today I want to show some pictures that I took during a really boring night. It was 17th March 2010, I was still waiting for my SPM results back then. For some unknown reason, the was no supply of electricity in the neighbourhood so it was dark, darkness as far as the eye can see. The sky was also cloudless, revealing its starry secrets of the heavens. It was so hot indoors so I decided to go outside, setting up my camera stand and took some pictures of the sky.

"Urban Light Pollution 1" by Adzrin Mansor

"The Starry Neighbourhood" by Adzrin Mansor

"Urban Light Pollution 2" by Adzrin Mansor
"The Blackout" by Adzrin Mansor

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Pengalaman Di Eropah

This is probably my first post in Bahasa Melayu. This is an article that I wrote for my school annual magazine a few years ago about my visit to some countries in Europe. Enjoy...

Sejak kecil, saya selalu impikan untuk bermain dengan salji yang lembut dan sejuk. Pada November 2006, impian itu menjadi kenyataan apabila saya berpeluang melawat selatan Perancis, Itali dan Switzerland. Negara-negara ini merupakan antara destinasi pelancongan yang terkenal di dunia. Saya berlepas dari Kuala Lumpur dengan menaiki pesawat Emirates Airlines. Selepas 18 jam perjalanan, saya selamat sampai di Lapangan Terbang Cote D'Azur, Nice, Perancis. Suhu di selatan Perancis agak selesa iaitu sekitar 18 darjah selsius.

Saya bersiar-siar sepanjang Jalan Promenade des Anglais yang menyusuri pantai Laut Mediteranean. Pantai ini merupakan destinasi pelancongan yang popular di musim panas tetapi saya dapati ia lengang di musim sejuk. Di sinilah saya membeli beberapa botol air mineral berjenama Evian yang jauh lebih murah berbanding Malaysia. Seterusnya, saya ke bandar Cannes yang terkenal dengan Cannes Film Festival. Bangunan-bangunan di sini kelihatan antik walaupun ada yang baru dibina. Saya berpeluang membeli beberapa botol minyak wangi selepas dibawa melawat ke kilangnya yang terletak di Grasse. Jawatan saintis yang mencipta aroma minyak wangi baru dipanggil “nose”. Tempoh kerja 10 tahun sahaja dan gajinya sangat lumayan hingga tidak perlu lagi bekerja selepas tamat kontrak. Tempat tinggal, makanan dan segala keperluan disediakan. Tetapi, tidak boleh berkahwin, menghisap rokok, meminum kopi, makan makanan berbau, dan tidak boleh menghidu bau-bauan yang tidak enak bagi memelihara kecekapan deria bau. Keluar bersiar-siar di kawasan bandar sudah semestinya tidak dibenarkan. Mahukah anda bekerja seperti ini? Saya tidak sanggup walaupun gajinya amat lumayan.

Perjalanan saya teruskan ke Monte Carlo, bandar mewah di selatan Perancis. Walaupun saiz kawasannya kecil, Monte Carlo diperintah oleh kerajaannya sendiri. Hotel Paris tersergam indah di Casino Square. Di sini terdapat sebuah kasino yang sangat terkenal. Saya terlalu muda untuk memasuki kasino itu jadi saya bersiar-siar melihat kereta mewah Ferrari dan Mercedes Benz yang diparkir sekitar bandar ini. Yang menarik tentang bandar berbukit ini, apabila musim Formula One bermula, jalan raya bandar Monte Carlo dijadikan litar lumba yang terkenal sebagai litar lumba kereta yang paling sempit di dunia.

Seterusnya saya menuju ke bandar yang dikenali sebagai syurga fesyen iaitu Milan, Itali. Pusat membeli belah Victoro Emanuelle 2 Galleria adalah sebuah bangunan klasik yang menjadi tumpuan butik-butik jenama terkenal seperti Salvatore Feragamo. Saya hanya menjamu mata sahaja kerana harga sehelai jaket boleh mencecah ribuan Euro. Di sebelah pusat membeli-belah ini, terdapat gereja yang terbesar dan tertua di Itali, ia dipanggil The Duomo. Malangnya, semasa saya di sana, bangunan itu sedang menjalani kerja-kerja membaik pulih dan seluruh struktur diliputi ‘scaffolding’. Semasa saya membeli cenderahati, peniaga berbangsa Itali itu mengucapkan “terima kasih, jumpa lagi.” Saya terkejut dan bertanya bagaimanakah dia boleh bertutur Bahasa Melayu. Dia mengatakan Malaysia dikenali ramai di Milan. Tidak seperti negara-negara lain yang saya kunjungi sebelum ini, mereka tidak mengenali Malaysia. Sungguh gembira rasanya apabila mengetahui negara kita dikenali orang luar.

Bagi menjimatkan masa perjalanan untuk ke Switzerland, saya menyusuri lereng gunung bersalji di kawasan pedalaman menuju ke sempadan Itali-Switzerland. Kastam Switzerland tidak memberi kebenaran masuk ke negaranya kerana pegawai kastam berkenaan tidak pernah mendengar nama negara Malaysia. Begitu juga pegawai-pegawai lain. Saya menghabiskan masa lebih sejam hingga saya teringatkan Sukan Komanwel dan mengatakan Malaysia menganggotai negara-negara komanwel. Pegawai kastam itu terus ke komputernya dan mengangukkan kepalanya sambil tersenyum. Dengan kawasan dikawal ketat anggota lengkap bersenjata api, takut juga rasanya. Lega rasanya saya apabila masalah saya sudah selesai.

Di Switzerland saya ke bandar Zermatt dengan menaki kereta api Matterhorn Gothard Bahn dari Tasch. Bandar Zermatt tidak dapat diakses dengan kenderaan bermotor. Bandar ini terletak di kaki Gunung Matterhorn dengan ketinggian 4478 meter. Gunung itu sangat menarik perhatian saya kerana ia berbentuk seperti piramid. Dari Zermatt, saya menaiki kereta api gunung untuk ke Gornergrat. Dengan penuh berhati-hati saya berjalan di atas salji. Apabila memijak salji yang lembut, kasut saya tenggelam ke dasar salji hingga ke buku lali. Ada masanya terasa licin apabila berjalan. Dengan memakai sarung tangan, saya membentuk bebola salji dan menyusunnya setinggi yang boleh. Bermain dengan salji amat menyeronokkan!

Saya bersiar-siar di sepanjang Jalan Bahnhofstrasse di pusat bandar Zermatt untuk membeli-belah. Terdapat banyak kedai cenderahati, cermin mata, jam tangan, pakaian, alat solek, dan yang paling menarik, kedai coklat. Switzerland amat terkenal dengan coklatnya. Menurut cerita orang tempatan, coklat dicipta di bandar kecil ini. Jenama coklat Lindt & Spruengli dan Toblerone juga diasaskan di sini. Saya singgah di sebuah kedai yang menjual coklat buatan sendiri. Sebaik sahaja melangkah masuk ke kedai itu, aroma coklat bagaikan menyambut kedatangan saya. Kepingan coklat yang dicampur dengan berbagai kekacang seperti kacang hazel dan buah-buahan seperti beri biru dipamerkan di seluruh kedai. Saya meminta pekedai untuk membungkuskan beberapa keping coklat berlainan perasa. Coklat dipatahkan dari kepingan yang besar dan dibayar mengikut beratnya. Coklat dibungkus cantik dan diikat dengan reben. Terasa sayang pula untuk dibuka dan dimakan.

Seterusnya saya ke bandar Montreux. Saya melawat Chillon Castle yang tersegam indah di tepian Tasik Geneva. Tandas diraja di istana ini amat unik. Tandasnya merupakan sebuah kerusi kayu yang mempunyai lubang bulat di bawahnya. Tujuan lubang itu agar semua sisa buangan terjatuh ke dalam air tasik beberapa puluh kaki di bawah kerusi itu. Geneva adalah bandar yang berikutnya saya lawati. Saya berhenti seketika untuk mengambil foto di hadapan Ibu Pejabat PBB dan Ibu Pejabat Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah. Bandar Geneva juga terkenal dengan deretan kedai jam tangan buatan Switzerland seperti Tissot dan Rolex. Saya berpeluang membeli seutas jam tangan Swatch Irony buatan Switzerland di butik Swatch. Keesokan harinya saya menuju ke Berne. Terdapat menara jam yang unik dan deretan air pancut yang tidak menggunakan pam elektrik. Stesen kereta api bandar ini pula dibina tiga tingkat di bawah tanah untuk memelihara bangunan-bangunan bersejarah tidak perlu dirobohkan. Saintis terkenal, Albert Einstein juga pernah tinggal di bandar ini.

Saya bermalam di Interlaken sebelum menaiki kereta api gunung “Jungfraubahnen” untuk menuju ke stesen kereta api tertinggi di dunia iaitu di puncak Gunung Jungfrau. Di pertengahan jalan, saya bertukar kereta api di Kleine Schidegg. Di sinilah saya terpegun melihat Glasier Eiger yang gagah menghakis gunung serta air terjun yang alirannya telah membeku. Setelah 30 minit, saya tiba di puncaknya dengan ketinggian 3454 meter dari aras laut. Cuaca di luar agak berbahaya kerana angin berkelajuan 75 kilometer sejam dan suhunya adalah 21 darjah selsius di bawah paras beku. Saya memberanikan diri keluar dari bangunan untuk mengambil foto. Di luar, angin sejuk dan deras terasa keras apabila mengenai kulit. Angin membawa bersama kristal-kristal salji yang halus dan ia melekat di pakaian. Sungguh sejuk, kulit muka terasa seperti akan tercabut daripada daging. Kepala pula terasa keras walaupun saya memakai topi. Dalam perjalanan turun dari gunung, hampir semua pelancong tertidur kerana keletihan menahan kesejukan.

Zurich ialah perhentian terakhir saya. Bandar ini amat mengagumkan dan indah dengan tasik yang meluas dan deretan bangunan bersejarah. Saya meninggalkan Switzerland dari Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Zurich untuk berlepas pulang ke tanah air. Pengalaman melancong selama 11 hari di negara Switzerland, Itali dan selatan Perancis merupakan pengalaman yang sangat menyeronokkan. Jika berkesempatan saya ingin kembali lagi.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Conclusion on the first month in Korea

Ok, it has been like a month since I posted anything so i think this is the perfect time for it. March has ended and gave way to April. The first thing after arrival was a thing called orientation. Well simply put, it was rough and I'm glad its over. Then we moved on to our rented houses. My house was near to Boramae Park, which is only a 30 minute bus ride to campus. The house was at first, like a house that is vacant for a year. practically the previous owner which is my senior of course, they didn't clean it much. This gives me the idea of how busy they are at the last few months at LEI, SNU. I wouldn't be spared, I will experience the same amount of school workload after this. My mother was worried of how my life would be here, seriously worried. But for me, I'm not so sure myself. In the flight to Korea I waved my parents, thinking I will meet them again, I was practically indifferent at that point. But after the orientation and seeing the house condition, I began to doubt my decision of coming here. But I fought the feeling, I cleaned up the house and stiffen up my upper lip. I went on lone endeavours exploring around my neighbourhood. I like my neighbourhood so much. There is a beautiful park, shopping malls scattered everywhere. Life began to feel good but still I'm not so comfy. There were social issues. I turned off my facebook wall for security reasons. Well, before that my account was hacked two times, posting nasty posts on my wall and also checking my notifications, for weeks I didnt receive any notification because someone checked it for me already. My Malaysian friends were ok with it, practically understanding it word by word. Sadly the some malaysian friends in korea are not so happy with the decision. They removed me from friends and so. Perhaps they thought I hate them or something. The student rep advised me to turn it on again and so I did. He also advised me to ignore anything people say to me and change to the better. Things got back to normal again. I am grateful for his help. So in the first few weeks of classes I felt stressful, I can't concentrate much on my studies. Now, I'm happily catching up again. A few weeks before, my parents came and visit me. they were on their way to Los Angeles and drop by at Seoul to visit me while refreshing my Malaysian food supply. I showed them around town. They also helped me a lot in cleaning the house. Now the house that I am living in has become a home. With a home in Korea, life becomes much better. I began to enjoy my life here. I also have no doubt that God has showed me the correct path. I pray it will be the road to success in this world and the hereafter...
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