Wednesday, 13 April 2011

April Update

This is another update about my family. My mother was hospitalised for a few days because she was suspected with cancer in the uterus and the doctor decided to remove it. The operation ended successfully a few days ago and my mum is on recovery.
mum and dad listening to the doctor, by Azahar Mansor
mum after the operation, by Azahar Mansor
I felt quite bad. A family member is in agony but there is nothing I can do but to simply watch. I am thousands of miles away to lend a hand. It was heartbreaking. I kept that feeling inside me as I believe things will be better soon. I prayed for her health to be better and day by day the wish is granted... The doctor released her from the ward yesterday so it is good news. I don't have to worry much any more. This will be an inspiring spirit for me to live better and seek success for myself and also my family. I feel better now as my mum is in good hands. The hands that operated her was the same hands that brought me to this world on the day I was born. Now she is in good care of my family members. I pray for your health always, mum. I am fine here so do not worry about me, take good care of yourself so that you can come here and visit me again. Get well quickly okay?

The sudden change in hairstyle? Some might not believe it but it is directly linked to the feeling I had. I wanted to do something crazy to distract my head away from thinking about problems around me. Its like a form of dramatic escapism or something. Thanks to my best friend Phuah Wei Xin for her help listening to what I regurgitated from the inside of my heart for days and advised me to be stronger. I am now. With the change in haircut, I am changed too. I am determined to change myself to the better and of course, study better. In Korea, winter had turned into spring, where the temperature is cold at night but comfortably cool during the day. With new season coming up, I will try to catch up my studies and at the same time, enjoy the beauty of spring!

New hair, new style, new me!

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