Sunday, 15 May 2011

12th May Appendix Day

The 12th of May left us more than a couple of days ago. I didn't have the chance to write this post on the day itself because I was in the middle of an exam. I decided to write about this day is because there is an event that changed my life forever occurred on the date. It was on the 12th of March I got hospitalised. I will concede it today. WARNING! THIS POST MAY CONTAIN DISTURBING IMAGES. PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISED. LOL. For my friends who are taking medicine course now, these are the frank confessions of a patient...

The story started on the 11th of May where I was awakened in the middle of the night by a stomach ache. I treated it as a normal stomach ache and continued sleeping. I was waken up by a strange sensation of pain around the abdomen. I felt a slight pain at the region between the navel and the chest bone. The pain was not so severe but it was constant and also develops with time. I went about my daily routines, thinking the pain is in control and bearable without knowing it is one of the signs of a fatal inflammation. After a few hours it felt like some chemical is chemically corroding my stomach from the inside trying to get out. I couldn't even eat anything. The pain gradually rises its intensity until I found myself coiled up on bed, trying to forget the pain by sleeping. But the ever intensifying pain prevented me from sleeping. Two old friends, Nazarul and Syazwan dropped by for a while and their presence became a pleasant distraction over the pain. They witnessed my agony first-hand. While the sun was getting ready to wrap up the day, my parents prepared me for a visit to the doctor at a nearby clinic. The long wait for the doctor was long and excruciating. The doctor's words is somewhat like this, "Ni gastik ni. Risau pasal apa ni? Risau nak pergi UIAM atau Korea? Mommy's Boy lah ni..."

The doctor gave me an injection that is usually given to severe gastritis patients and gave me a bag full of gastritis medicine. At night the pain continues its torment on my already weakened body. It was the longest night I had to endure in 18 years. The next day the pain moved to another region, which is the right side of my lower abdomen. It was in that evening suddenly I felt a sharp pain at the area and the pain just wont go away. I just sat on the carpet bearing the pain while by body turned hot and I was sweating as if I had just ran a quarter mile. My parents rushed me to PUSRAWI in Kuala Lumpur and I was quickly ushered into the 'Emergency' department with a wheelchair as walking straight intensifies the pain. Exactly at 7.30pm I found myself lying on a bed pushed by three nurses. I smiled as I watched the lights went past above, it felt just like the movies. The moment I entered the operating theatre, I was greeted by a man asking about allergies and asked me to do some prayers. With a syringe he plunged a clear fluid into my Intravenous tube. I felt a burning sensation climbing from my arms. The moment it reaches my shoulders everything went black.

"The Appendix 1" by Dr Razipah, taken with an iPhone 3GS during my operation

"The Appendix 2" by Dr Razipah, taken with an iPhone 3GS during my operation
The best picture ever? You can say that again. The appendix should be a small projection on our large intestine. In my case, fate determined that a small and hard piece of faeces entered the appendix and blocking it. It then develops into an infection thus causing it to become inflamed. That was the culprit behind the 'corrosive chemical' feeling. In the second photo there is a region of the appendix coloured black, that is the point where the balloon like inflamed appendix wall bursts and caused the sharp pain.
I woke up at around 9pm with an oxygen mask carefully tied to my face, helping me to breathe. The nurse who was taking care of me found me awake and removed the oxygen mask. I tried to breathe independently in spite of feeling tired and drowsy at that moment. The anesthesia still holds its grip on me, I was gasping for air but I felt my ribcage was as heavy as if there is a bear sitting on my chest. A machine that monitors my vital signs rang a noisy alarm and I fell into unconsciousness again.
"Appendix in a Jar at the Recovery Room" by Azahar Mansor, taken with a Sony Ericsson K770i
I woke up again feeling much better and the nurse showed me my inflamed appendix in a plastic jar, swimming in an unknown solution. Then the staff pushed my bed to my ward where I spent four long days recovering from the operation. 12th May 2011 is my first anniversary of going about my daily lives without an appendix. I could still remember the doctor's words after the operation, "Appendicitis can be fatal you know. If you'd come a few hours later than you did, the infected pus will spread and you may even not be alive anymore"~


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