Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Bandana

Ah... Its another post that gets in the way of SIngapore-lah Part 2. I'm still working on the post, trying to make it as interesting as possible. For now, I'm going to talk about a transition of a person. The Bandana, a thin cotton piece of army camouflage pattern fabric, stitched together intricately to form a cylindrical shape. Something that is worn like a scarf, and can be found at Daiso at 1000won. It compliments a normal shirt and jeans, making girls head turn around to look at the wearer, while the wearer gives a small smile to appreciate her gesture.

What the hell is this guy is talking about? haha. Well now I began to understand why women loves to dress up, to look at her best for others even though it requires hours of elaborate colouring and painting in front of the mirror. It is the smallest gesture of an eye contact and a smile from the opposite sex is enough to make a person's day. These are some pictures snapped today using my LG Optimus One...
"Bandana Self Capture" by Adzrin Mansor
"Me With Miss Student Rep" by Hatta Aspar
"Me With Mr Student Rep" by Hatta Aspar
"뻑이가요" by Hatta Aspar
Some asked me, what would triggered such a drastic change? From a nerd to a K-pop fashion lover? Well, I would have to keep that information in a locked safe. Easy to be said, I have found my new love. Haha. Perhaps, I would say I picked up fashion advice from this guy:
"Korean Baby" by Adzrin Mansor


Mira said...

Kau pakai baju big bang eh?? wowowowowowwow!!

Adzrin Mansor said...


Mira said...
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Mira said...

not fair!!

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