Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Lost Photos of Spring

A few weeks ago I intended to join a photography competition and was browsing through my computer for photos. Talking about the contest? Nah, I just entered it for fun. While searching for photos back then, I found a folder that is lost a few months before. It contains the pictures that I took on the first week or spring in Seoul National University. I thought that I have lost the file forever. The best thing about that day was class ended two hours earlier than it should be. Here are the raw pictures from my camera, too lazy to edit them~

The last picture is a picture of us with two of our teacher, they visited us to lend a hand if we had some issues. I nearly forgot to mention, the girls in the photo are my neighbours ok, not housemates haha. Spring was short, the cold breeze of spring has been substituted into the warm summer gusts with occasional showers. I hope I am here to witness another spring blossom soon~

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