Sunday, 12 June 2011

Saturday 11th June

It's Saturday~ Saturday~ Eeew, please stop singing! This week, I started learning level 4 Korean! It's an upgrade but still, I need more practice conversing with local friends to sharpen up my confidence and talking skill. Anyways, yesterday I went to Soongshil University following a friend (Identity is kept secret for security purposes lol). There were many students getting consultation for university entry. It reminds me of my days last year where I was doing the same at Malaysian IPTs.
"친구" by Adzrin Mansor. I hate my facial expression~ haha
"숭실대학교 1" by Adzrin Mansor
"숭실대학교 2" by Adzrin Mansor
"숭실대학교 3" by Adzrin Mansor
What a nice small campus. At night, a senior brother bought my friends and I dinner at a wonderful restaurant near Yongdengpo Station.
"Makan 1" by Adzrin Mansor
"Makan 2" by Adzrin Mansor
"Makan 3" by Adzrin Mansor
"Makan 4" by Adzrin Mansor
"Makan 5" by Adzrin Mansor
Then we proceeded to Times Square Mall which was in walking distance. The mall was large and filled with grand boutiques of things unimaginable for me to own, just like Pavilion KL. I'm not sure why they named it Times Square. There is just too many times squares in the world. Americans have the original one in New York, Malaysians have one in Bukit Bintang and now Koreans have one too~
"Times Square 1" by Adzrin Mansor
"Times Square 2" by Adzrin Mansor
"Times Square 3" by Adzrin Mansor
"Times Square 4" by Adzrin Mansor
On the way home I walked home alone, instead of taking the normal route home, I followed the crowd. A few minutes walking I found myself at Mullae Station. There is a Home Plus supermarket there. As I walk around the large shelves of food and stuff, it reminds me of the supermarket Tesco back home. I bought myself some fashion headphones that costs around 11,000won or around RM30. 
"Homeplus" by Adzrin Mansor with a LG Optimus One
"New Headphones" by Adzrin Mansor with a LG Optimus One. Nice sound, bassy beats~
What a Saturday~
I didn't have much time to write elaborately, so pictures can tell the story for me. That's why my best friend said my blog is like a porn site, short stories with lots of pictures~

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