Thursday, 16 June 2011


A few days ago as I was doing the dishes and my housemate came to the kitchen, laughing and asked me if I have plans to go travel to somewhere around the globe in our long breaks when we are in the university. To this moment, I have visited 21 countries, such as United States and Switzerland, my top favourite destinations of all time. My history in globe trotting started at the exact time when I was born into this world, some would think that it is a silver spoon in my mouth but for me, it is a life, a passion to explore new sights, cultures, languages and of course, new photos. Here are some of my previous destinations I visited during my 19 years of lifetime. It is interesting to see how I have grown and changed while scrolling down the page of a blog. Haha.
"Hong Kong"
"Australia 1996"
"South Korea"
"South Korea"
And then comes the time where digital cameras replaces my mum's film SLR. These are the photos taken on the period of 6 years before 2011.
"Florida 2005"
"Switzerland 2006"
"Italy 2006"
"Hong Kong 2006"
"Las Vegas 2008"
"Los Angeles 2008"
"San Diego 2008"
"Saudi Arabia 2010"
"Singapore 2010"
Now here I am, living, not travelling, in Seoul, South Korea.
"South Korea 2011"
"South Korea 2011"
It's amazing to see how I have changed in 19 years by watching the photos of places I went during that period of time. Well about my housemate's question on the place I wanted to go, I wish to visit my last frontier, New York. The American west coast was wonderful so I will go to the east coast someday, but I also have a condition to met first before going to New York, which is, get a DSLR camera to use there. I am a user of a wonderful semi-pro with the specs of an entry-level DSLR but I would love to upgrade for better photos and HD videos. In my consideration is the revolutionary but yet expensive Sony Alpha A55-SLT, paired with a 18-55mm lens designed specially for the model, total cost, nearly RM3,000. 

It is a dream, and it is just something I want to achieve in the future, will I get it? No one knows for sure but frankly, those dreams are the propelling force for me to go forward. With the DSLR, perhaps I can make a travel photography book with my pictures? In the days of analog, my mum is the one who took pictures of me with a film SLR camera. Now it's going to be my turn with a D-SLR...

I inserted a map of the places I have been in my lifetime. Courtesy of TripAdvisor.

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