Saturday, 23 July 2011

Just Summer

Yes, spring gave its way to summer in the month of June, and it is kicked off with rain, lots of them. The rain in Korea doesn't fall like cats and dogs like in Malaysia, where the rain fell like real cats and dogs falling onto your umbrella, and the turmoil ends in a few hours tops. But here in Korea it is a totally different page. Rain fell like a shower in the bathroom, a continuous flow of soft water from above. It is called showers literally. But the problem with June's showers is there is no one to turn its tap off. It rained for most of the day, stops only a few hours and continues to fall again soon after that. The showers became a routine, carrying an umbrella everywhere you go is a routine. But there is still some people who prefers more to hitch another person's umbrella and get wet if there is no person to hitch.

Sorry I have no photos to show you about the rain here as my camera is not a weather-proof camera, it is kept dry and warm at home. But I do have a video to show you, shot at home. I live in a house called the '지하 집' or in English it is something like 'Basement House'. Come on, don't think of it as someone renting out their basement or closet as a room to others. There is a lot of basement houses scattered around Seoul.
Forgive me for the absence of audio. I forgot to check the camcorder settings before shooting. Well, sheet happens.

This is my house in the aftermath of the summer showers. Wading through knee deep waters is not the way to live through routines. So currently I am staying over at a friend's house and with the help of seniors and the embassy, I will be moving to another house soon. Lately there is also a homestay programme organized by our Korean language teachers to further expose us to Korean language and culture. The best thing about this is the homestay uncle is a hobby photographer like myself, it is easier to find common grounds and talk for long hours. They also try their best in explaining any new Korean words that I didn't know, so that I can join in the conversation. The best experience ever...
"Homestay" by Adzrin Mansor
This post is kept short as I am currently writing another one~ wait for it.

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