Friday, 26 August 2011

D-Cube in Seoul

I'll start off with some news, there is a new addition in town, a new mall just opened at Sindorim, east of Seoul and just 10 minutes from where I live and it is one of the subway stations I frequent.
"Sindorim" by Adzrin Mansor
"Sindorim" by Adzrin Mansor
"Sindorim" by Adzrin Mansor
"Sindorim" by Adzrin Mansor
The new shopping complex houses Zara, Uniqlo, H&M and many more outlets. The day I visited this place was actually the first day it opened its doors for visitors. It was the first day for the Uniqlo promoters and their spirits is still high, shouting "안녕하십니까? 유니클로입니다..." which translates to "hello there, this is uniqlo."
"Uniqlo D-Cube' by Adzrin Mansor.
Some people asked me, are clothes sold in Korea are all fashionable and cheap? Okay, here, your question is answered. Most clothes sold are fashionable as the Korean market demands for these stuff. Young generation are real fashion conscious people. Then the price, it mainly depends on environmental matters. It depends on the market. Well a pair of normal UJ jeans in Malaysia will cost around RM120 and the exact same stuff will costs about the same in Korea, at 39,000 won. So actually the price in Korea and in Malaysia is not much different. 

As a small sized Malaysian male, it is heaven! Korean men is much well fed and taller than me, so they conquer clothes of size M, L and above. Luckily I wear the S size, and sometimes when all of the big sizes are sold out, some small size clothes are left behind. Instead of throwing it back into their warehouses, uniqlo korea sells them at a lower price at a special section called '가격인하' or something like reduced price. I once bought a hoodie worth 29,000 won for 14,900 won because there was only seven pieces left, all was S in size. That's how I got all those uniqlo products for lower price. I will post some pictures of me in my uniqlo shirts and other things when I have a chance. It is usually me who likes to take photos of others but always I end up having no photos of myself.

Besides UNIQLO, there is also other brands which is common among locals listed below:
1. is some brand
2. a bit expensive but you'll find young men wear the shirt everywhere.
3. i think this brand is like Hari Hari in Malaysia
4. a premium women's clothing line, mainly focuses on professional wear
5. can be said as a Korean version of Giordano.

So if you browse the websites you can find what is usually worn by locals, and perhaps spruce up to look like this;

The video above is for the fall collection. Now there is also some people who asked me when is the best time to go shopping in Seoul, I would say in spring and summer. The temperatures in the season is comfortable enough for Malaysians to browse the high-fashion streets of Myengdong. Spring and summer clothes are also wearable in Malaysia. Who would want to wear those autumn trench coats and neck wrapped with woolen mufflers in the heat? Spring usually kicks off in end of March, with the famous cherry blossoms bloomed its pink flowers in April. Temperatures in spring is very comfortable during the day but it is a bit chilly at night. So this is the time to do some two layer fashion shopping. When I say two layer it is like those skinny jeans, with flannel cotton shirts wrapped with good hoodies on top and the likes. We can shop while admiring the beauty of spring. For pictures of me last spring;

Then summer starts at May, having a terrible rainy season that lasts through the whole month of July. Avoid the rainy season as it rains the whole day. Then in mid august the air is as hot as Malaysia. Then at the end of September, fall starts. So the best time to shop starts at March and ends in September, with exception of July. Air Asia is available from KL to Seoul daily, so let's shop till we drop!

I'll end up my post with two videos from SPAO, a clothing brand endorsed by Girls Generation and Super Junior;

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