Tuesday, 9 August 2011

First Week of Ramadan in Seoul

I survived my first week of ramadan in Seoul! Just for the record, ramadan is one of the months in Islamic lunar calendar where muslims keep themselves from drinking, eating and doing vices in the period of sunrise till sunset as a form of devotion to God. (Hey it doesn't mean that we should do vices after sunset instead okay!)

I think it is about the same as ramadan in Malaysia, just the atmosphere and the time is different. Since it is summer in Korea, day is much longer than night. Subuh (sunrise, we should eat breakfast before this time) is at about 4.00am and Maghrib (we can eat starting at this time) is at about 7.30pm. I would have to stand the urges to sip a drink and munch food for 15 hours a day! Honestly, hunger is never a problem but thirst is the imminent enemy.

Last weekend I joined my friends to perform an optional form of prayer called the Tarawikh. It is identical to the solat that muslims perform 5 times a day but it is longer. Yes, it is optional, but it is better to do it as we can only do it in the month of ramadan. However, some treated it as 'do or die'... Anyways, I went to the Seoul Central Mosque in Itaewon for breaking fast (called iftar) and did my tarawikh there. The food was great as the curry tasted exactly as the Malaysian mamak style cooking.
"Hatta" by Adzrin Mansor with an LG Optimus One
"Itaewon" by Adzrin Mansor with an LG Optimus One
"Courtesy of Saudi Arabian Embassy" by Adzrin Mansor with an LG Optimus One
"Breaking fast" by Adzrin Mansor with an LG Optimus One
"Food" by Adzrin Mansor with an LG Optimus One
The Malaysian Embassy in Korea, located not far from Itaewon also organized a breaking fast ceremony and tarawikh for Malaysians. The number of people showed up was quite a lot but I understood that most Malaysians students are in Malaysia for their summer leave. Still, the event works!
"Abang Faisal at Embassy" by Adzrin Mansor with an LG Optimus One
All praises to Allah, I am able to do my fasting in peace. I am very shocked to hear that there is a Malaysian student who got hurt in the London riots that happened recently. He was on his way for an iftar and he was robbed, but he is badly hurt as we can see in the following video. His video can be seen in here:

According to a friend his name is Asyraf Haziq, a first year student in KAPLAN college and the unfortunate event occurred at Barking, London. Things like this can happen to everyone, anywhere. Studying overseas is not just sweet dreams okay. Hopefully we can pray for his well-being while he is receiving treatment in a local hospital for his broken jaw, and also pray for the safety of all Malaysians in London. I also pray for my own safety and the safety of other Malaysian students worldwide. I am spending my first week of ramadan in a new house, with no internet connection so I will keep this post short. I wouldn't want my android too overwork hihi. I will post more pictures when I have a chance. Happy ramadan to everyone~

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