Saturday, 20 August 2011

Korean Fashion In My Eyes

"Kim Hee Jung. A Korean Indie artist" an internet source picture.
Boys go crazy talking about Korean girls and girls go crazy talking about Super Junior or Boys Over Flowers. Yadada~ yeah with the rise of K-pop and Korean dramas, Korean fashion is like going global and all. I could still remember in Malaysia it is fine to wear pagoda singlets with shorts to go to the sundry shop running errands. Not in Korea, at least. Based on my short experience in Seoul, being attractive is like a culture. 

Well in early Korean history there was a part where the communist north charges the south with hope of uniting the peninsula with the ideology, but then the Americans helped the south to gain independence. Don't worry, history class has ended. The relation of South Korea and America gave some benefits to Koreans. If one would look closely, Korean men fashion shares somewhat similarities with the western suave style. Korean women's fashion is also very closely related to this contemporary styling of the west, like the usage of earth colours and stuff. The influence of western contemporary fashion on Korean fashion can be seen obviously in Secret's video clip, Starlight Moonlight.

Think the dresses they wore are only worn in the video clip? DANG! Real women do wear this to go to work... So this is how Korean fashion is widely accepted to the world, based on my readings. Before this Japanese and Chinese fashion was a bit too, messy. Purple striped tubes with green black striped hip high socks? That's just not the way to live. And only after Koreans started mixing a milder blend of western fashion, and here goes the Hallyu. I'm not very sure with the historical theories that people put up to find the cause of the uproar but all it matters is, it worked.~

Korean stars got their fortune not only from the entertainment industry, but also from the fashion industry. Here are some celebrity stores:
1) (by Korean girl group, T-ara)
2) (by Korean girl group, Kara)
3) (by SS501 member, Park Jung Min)
4) (popular brand endorsed by Super Junior and Girls' Generation)

I also found an indie R&B group, in terms of hit songs, they are not there yet but in terms of fashion, they are superb.
Come on, the name! Dont laugh! Their website is Hearing their music, I think it is best for them to continue selling their clothing line haha. Gotta credit the crew...
"Love & Dung crew" an internet source picture.
It is not surprising to see the 'beautiful-or-die' culture exerts pressure on women and girls. What? A very shocking statement? Well with the advertising of K-pop stars and Korean soap operas, some parts of the world thought that all Korean women are ideally attractive. Mind you, they are humans. The problem with the beauty madness is the increase of plastic surgery demands. Well all Hallyu fans all know their beloved artistes at least had once, its rare to find one who haven't done it. Because of that I want to share with you a video made by an American exchange student about the life of Korean students.

Korea, a country that is considered one of Asia's economic tigers but yet personal conflict still lingers in the deep hearts of the society. The narrow idea on double eyelids, big eyes, small face is beautiful is so constrictive! No surprise if I say that Korea is one of the top countries where teenage suicide is prevalent. How long will the craze for being the best lasts? Get born, study 16 hours a day, spruce up to be as attractive as one can be, get a place in SKY universities (Seoul Natl. Uni, Korea Uni, Yonsei Uni. The best trio in Korea), drink soju when stressed, get a good job, go to noraebangs to sing the stress off, work for the family, give birth to a child and teach the child to repeat it all over again. Will the cycle continues for eternity?

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