Sunday, 16 October 2011

Autumn Moon

Ah its autumn, or fall whatever they call in Seoul.

The transition from summer to autumn this last month was quite abrupt to be frank. As we were indulging hot summer days and nights, suddenly the temperature dropped to in nearly 10°C in one night. By early October the temperature was around a comfortable 20's but the nights are cold. Now in the middle of October, during the day temperatures are expected to be around 15's and night around 10's. Leaves are starting to get yellowish.

The yellow and red leaves will open up various interesting photo opportunities. Can't wait. Talking about photos, I was thinking about upgrading to a better camera, perhaps the Sony Alpha SLT-A65 which is featured in my post Dreams: Sony Alpha SLT-A65 and take better videos in full HD glory. I love the sharp and fast responses but I had delays in upgrading because I still love my semipro Olympus SP-570UZ. It is old, the shutter speed is slow, the autofocus is slow, I cannot go above ISO speed of 200 and many other setbacks. But in those years I spent with it, I've learnt how to overcome them, shooting within its limits and make great pictures out of it. It's like an old car to me. I know where to kick it to make it work and all. What I love the most is the superior zoom, like the photo below. The lens was at its full focal length, 92mm. The sensor is so small is this camera, so on 35mm full frame terms, it is 520mm. It is crazy! The following photo was taken using aperture f/8, shutter speed 1/40s and the exposure compensation is turn down two steps to achieve nice contrast, making the craters visible.

"Autumn Moon" by Adzrin Mansor using a Olympus SP-570UZ.

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