Monday, 24 October 2011

뛰어난 사진을 만드는 비결 소개 발표

Ah I am so relieved! Just passed a introductory presentation, a short one. Its a introductory presentation where we introduce our issue for a real, longer presentation. I chose a topic that captures my interest the most, and most of my classmates too as their picture would end up in my powerpoint slides. The title is '뛰어난 사진을 만드는 비결 소개 발표' or 'secrets of capturing amazing photos'. To be honest my level of proficiency in Korean is far from Bahasa Melayu and English. I mean low okay. As I go deeper into the language the stranger it becomes, just like English to me many years ago. After more than a decade it has integrated itself in my circuitry. Hope my Korean would be as so too soon.

I was a timid boy, hated being in the centre of attention, but in Form 4 and Form 5 I joined the SMK Hillcrest English Debate team. Winning or losing is never my priority, but the thing that I cherish the most was improvements in my self confidence and I first learnt to speak in front of a crowd. But it needs practice, it had been a while since I spoke in front of a crowd and the old timid me is back, my brain will freeze the moment I am in front of a crowd. %$&#! In the powerpoint presentation, I will be using pictures shot by me as many as I can.

Title Slide. Picture taken on our biking trail featured in Going Around Seoul
The presentation is going to be 15-20 minutes long. That's darn long! Too long! So I chose topics with very wide prospects, means that I can babble a lot on the topic.

Slide 1, Types of Camera. Picture of a friend also taken on the biking trail.
In the first part I will introduce types of cameras available in today's market, such as mobile phone cameras, compacts, DSLRs, DSLTs, Mirrorless, and more.

Slide 2, Differences of Cameras. Picture of a friend during our hiking trip. Nice flares eh?
Looks like a different topic, but actually I will just explain the technical aspects of the cameras such as how the light path in a DSLR and sensor size differences. Perhaps it will be focused on a Canon DSLR, a Sony DSLT and the mirrorless four thirds Sony NEX.

Slide 3, Methods of Capturing Good Photos. Image captured during PPMK Sports Day.
Most people don't know that photography is more of a skill, while only some artsy parts needs talent. In most situations it just requires you to know what to do with the situation, how to record it with a story embedded inside the frame so that viewers know what is happening. If you follow the correct methods, you can succeed. Here I will reveal mostly on framing techniques, based on my tutorial from I'm Innocent I Have Been Framed

End Slide, the date of my presentation. Picture taken on my rooftop on the same day as Autumn Moon
Oh it is month-day-year format. The Koreans have a thing for American standards. I am looking forward of a very informative presentation soon.

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