Friday, 28 October 2011

Gyeongju Trip

Me and Ralph at a R&R somewhere. Overexposure. Haha

Yeah! Just came back from a school trip to Gyeongju, a city located southeast of Seoul. The journey from Seoul took about 6 hours by bus. The first destination we visited was the Hyundai Automobile Plant in Ulsan. Hyundai is in fact Korea's biggest automaker, producing wide range of vehicles from luxury cars to commercial trucks. In the plant I was not allowed to take pictures so no pictures from me. The Hyundai plant was, ok. The real highlight of the tour was to walk above the workers working on the production line below, assembling the cars from just a frame into a complete car. While waiting for the tour to start I was lucky to find a news crew working just a few metres away before entering the plant. The thing that catched my interest the most is the usage of Canon DSLR with some high end L glass for recording the newscast instead of the usual large video cameras placed on their shoulders. The ergonomics of a DSLR is way off for a stable video, we cant put it on our shoulders for stability, but these pros got tricks, they used a stabilizing rig for smooth non shaky video.

Guy with rig.
Hyundai i40. Coming Soon.
Hyundai Veloster. two doors on one side, coupe style one door on the other.

Yeah I tried to enjoy myself as much as I can rather than working myself out for photos. Taking some photos is fine but too much photos is just exhausting. I also had to turn down a request from a couple of people because one of them commented me a few days before. (I used the soft word 'comment', look up for its synonyms in thesaurus for the negative word) The other person must be like so furious haha. Ah collateral damage. I am not very comfortable with people who in situations they find themselves uncomfortable in, they start to hurl abuse to others. I try not to work with these kind of people. Kids who are closer to their parents rarely become this type of person as if they say something wrong, daddy will be like, "what did you say?" and "SLAP" sound is heard. Simply put, don't 'comment' others ok? Daddy won't be very happy about it.

Yangdong Village
The place where we spent the night was called 'Yangdong Village', a very handsome traditional village with lots of traditional houses. Upon arrival we made some rice cakes or '떡'. The process is not elaborate but still requires a lot of energy, a pack of rice was laid on to a wooden table and then mashed by big wooden hammer. The cakes is then cut into pieces  and coated with a layer of powdered nut. The taste was amazing!

Rice Cake Model
After the sun exited the horizon it is freezing cold. I braved the cold and snapped some pictures of the houses at night.

The house I stayed.
Another house on the way up the hill.
The next morning, it is even colder! I reckon it is way below 0°C. I worn three layers of clothing for the top but the bottom I only had one layer. My jeans felt like it was soaked wet. The water vapour in my exhaled air is visible as it freezes up in the cold air. My hands were numb operating my ice cold camera. Ah my camera is made from polycarbonate, imagine those cameras with magnesium bodies, must be very agonizing to hold them. We had a little morning stroll in the cold to catch a glimpse of the traditional village.
Good Morning.
Proof it is probably below 0°C
Morning Stroll. Cigarette smoke! Nah its just exhaled air.
Then we proceeded to a temple called 'Sokkuram', a Buddhist temple located inside a forest on a hilly slope.

Nikon Coolpix Camera Model. Full HD video capable!
Nice panorama.
And some tour escapades around Gyeongju city.

Some tomb.
A face of someone who haven't showered for two whole days. It was cold ok! No hot water available!
The lodging place was the best ever! The boys got a bungalow house all for ourselves! And I was the first one to take a hot shower after stinking two whole days.

Bring the boys out! Haha...
Best living room!
I woke up early in the morning and took in some fresh morning air.

600 Pension
600 Pension
Autumn Flower
The view~
There was a part where we visited a steel factory named POSCO in Pohang, and we saw how the red hot metal is flattened into sheets first hand. Hell it was hot! We were standing nearly metres away but we can feel the heat. Too bad, photography is not permitted. And after three days and two nights I'm back in Seoul, disembarking at Seoul National University and went home.

There was some games going on in the campus.
That's it. I enjoyed myself like a criminal and took a bit of photos just for the memories. Now I'm back in Seoul, the pursuit for masterpiece photos begins!

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