Monday, 10 October 2011

Hantu Sungai

I'm very happy that my previous post, Hantu Atap caught a lot of attention especially from photo enthusiasts. It is actually just a simple lighting trick done by tweaking exposure time and lighting. Today on my way back from the Malaysian Embassy in Seoul, I dropped by at the Yoeido Hankang Park which is located near Yoeinaru Station. There were some fireworks show held near the 63 Building and a crowd showed up. It was so crowded I couldn't even set up my tripod and snap photos of the fireworks. But a friend was there to snap some videos with his EOS 550D.

After the crowd receded I proceed to the water edge of the Han River, the main river that runs through Seoul and snapped some pictures of me, 'Hantu' style. Except for writing the watermarks on the photos, the photo is untouched, unedited and raw from the camera. Still couldn't figure out how I do it? I think most photo enthusiasts have it all figured out already. This is, AdzrinMansor Photography's Hantu style~

I was trying to imitate Luqman's style here:

Fool around a bit;

Then I turned my camera around and snapped some pictures of the people around the river shore:

Love the night view!

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Rayven said...

dude, cut your hair.

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