Sunday, 27 November 2011

DSLR Videography with Girls Generation & SHINee

I'm loving my new camera more and more. It is my companion in recording these SHINee and Girls Generation fancam video, which is one of my most viewed videos in my channel. By the time I'm writing this, which is nearly 48 hours after I uploaded the video, the video got 2,441 views. Yahoo! Keep it coming guys!

SNSD fancam:

And SHINee:

I felt so honoured to be here... Love it!

So some might be wondering what camera I am using. For both of the videos I used a Canon EOS 600D or Rebel T3i or Kiss X5 they call it. For the lens I used a Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8-4.5. I don't have a telephoto lens, but I am capable of covering the distance in the SHINee video with my 600D's 3x digital zoom function. This feature is only available in full HD movie mode only and it is done while retaining the quality of the video. The 50mm lens gives me a distance of 75mm on a 35mm equivalent but when added the 3x digital zoom, it becomes like 150mm or 225mm on a 35mm equivalent. I'm loving my 600D!

Then comes the lens's aperture. at 50mm, it is f/4.5, which is a stop better than the kit lens at f/5.6. So I can let more light in. One more thing, in the heat of the moment, you are standing stuck in a crowd all waving and moving to wave their hands at the celebs, you are prone to shaky video. I have to admit the SNSD video is very shaky as I was practically pushed around by the crowd. But the image stabilizer in the lens helped to minimize it. So if you're going to take a lot of videos, this feature is very important to you. Notice I was also pushed by Sunny's bodyguard? I got a firm push by his palm on my chest ash he tries to clear the way for the celebs. I totally understand it, if he didn't do so, perhaps SNSD would be stuck in the crowd not being able to go out.

Okay that's what I gotta say about the two videos. I will try my best to record more fancam footage if I found a K-Pop celeb in my way. Ciao!

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