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Friday 25th Nov: School, Itaewon & Myeongdong

First things first, this is the video where I recorded SNSD right in front of me eyes!

Although the crowd was a little crazy I got the shot anyways. I was so close to SNSD to the extend of capable of touching them with my hands (but I won't, haha)

My impression was, they are really that beautiful like we saw in the music videos. Hyoyeon and Yoona was about my height, Sohyeon was tall I think while Sunny was the smallest. WOW! Here's the story;


So some call it a shopping haven, some call it a city of K-Pop, but I call it home for now. Last Friday I was freed from all of the mess of studying as it marks the day school leave starts. So I brought on my Canon EOS 600D with me and shoot randomly.

This photo marks the day I am emancipated from school! Yay! Oh this is early winter by the way, below zero temperatures and snow is expected only the next week. Guess autumn is not finished with us yet.
The road home
Me in front of school gate
Fikri calling his family perhaps
and Naz another also in a call
It's Friday and as muslim men (boys-to-men), we are obliged to do our Friday prayers weekly at the mosque. In Seoul, there is one main mosque located about an hour of bus and subway ride from school. The place is called Itaewon, and it is famous as a place where all the foreigners gather for food and other stuff. If you're from Malaysia and finding a similar place in Kuala Lumpur to describe it, it is like Bangsar. At night this place is filled with vices, nightclubs, trannies and much. And they built a mosque here? Haha. As long as there is one, I'm happy. It is located on top of a small hill so it is quite a hike to go up there.
Me at Seoul Grand Mosque
People waiting to get their wudu'
The inside view
After the Friday prayers, we head down the hill as fast as we can and get in the line for a Turkish kebab. Succulent and tender grilled beef is cut and put on a piece of tortilla bread smeared with a secret white sauce and some chili paste. Then some minced cabbage, chopped onions, and a few slices of tomato with some pickles are placed on it. Before wrapping the bread up, they would put some more white sauce on top of the mass of good food. A lamb kebab or a chicken kebab costs 4,000won while a mixed kebab costs 5,000won. Savory goodness, really a reward after the hike up the hill to the mosque. Ah I forget to mention that the way to the mosque is lined with halal food grocery stores. This is where we would buy our meat and other non-Korean made stuff.
The Kebab
Cut em up!
Hatta and Dahlan was here.
Some friends were on their way to get some winter clothing at Myeongdong and another heard that Girls Generation is also going to visit their own store there called SPAO. So we headed there afterwards. It is just a few minutes away by subway.
So I'm here at myeongdong.
Aiman with his stylish gaze 
The cars going to and fro is kinda annoying. What if they just make this a pedestrian street?
UNIQLO, a Japanese clothing company's new flagship store
Some cityscape.
More cityscape. This is a photoblog. What do you expect?
Ah more shoppers.
It is a little cold, like well to the 8's this time of the day.
H&M Myeongdong.
SPAO. A brand endorsed by SNSD and SUJU.
Take that. Just look at the crowd.
This was the moment I recorded the video. We continued shopping and I got myself some cheap snowcap for like 5,000won in Forever 21.
Hatta by the window.
I want to be in the picture also lol
It was getting dark and people are still busy shopping.
Some low light DSLR photo huh? Shot handheld bebeh...
Rows of stores and colourful signboards make it an interesting sight to see.
As it went darker we went home... What a day...

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