Saturday, 19 November 2011

Rules Are Made To Be Broken

In my post I'm Innocent! I have been framed! posted months ago, I've talked about framing. First thing's first. Photography is like math. You don't create 'π'. Someone already did that for you ages ago. We learn about them and use it. Same goes to techniques in photography. The things I post are actually the things I learnt from others so just relax and enjoy.

So today I gotta talk about more framing techniques. No matter how big or how expensive your camera is, if you take bad pictures with it, FAIL! So a good picture really depends a little on the equipment, but mainly on the person holding the camera. In photography, it is boring to see a face of a person drop dead in the centre of the frame. Sometimes we would love some uniqueness in the photo. So the legends of photography came up with a rule, called the Rule of Thirds.
Nowadays most cameras, DSLRs compacts all have this feature called like 'grid'. This function helps composition as we frame the photo. To work with this rule, you can put your subjects in the intersections of the lines, which is one of the four points like shown above, the main subject's face is placed at the intersection. Simple? Sure is. The application of this rule is so wide. It can be used in portraits, landscape, architecture and many other situations. No more drop dead centre photos for me.

The bell is on the left side of the frame. Usually people will look at the bell and then they eyes will move to the background which is the houses. (could use some more background blur for highlighting the bell though)
A mistake that people usually make is the background. Most forget to take the background of the photo into consideration. Instead of just focusing on a face, give it a sense of depth by turning into a hall or the likes. Give something worth it for viewers to see when they've looked at the subject enough. The photo above used the wall that they are sitting on quite nicely. The wall gives us an idea of the perspective and gives a sense of depth in the photo. Although it is 2D, it looks 3D. Like the photo of the bell, it is all about playing with the eyes of the viewer.

The disappearing sidewalk makes the photo of a more 3D look, as if there is depth. Love this photo. I wanna call it "Beauty In Death" as the leaves are drying out for winter.
Ah not to mention another method to achieve depth is the usage of shadows. That's why photo enthusiasts love the morning and the evening. Simply because of the light is coming down at an angle from the sun. Besides that, the usage of bokeh to highlight something is also useful. Sorry, this technique is for DSLR users only haha.

Usage of background blur to highlight the subject and separate him from the background, making a sense of depth. Notice the usage of Rule of Thirds? When you're done with the face, it is still pleasant to look at the basketball players
People love this blurred background shots as this is only available with large sensor cameras with large aperture lenses. So for more background blur, use a large aperture lens like a 50mm f/1.8 lens for portraits. The Sigma lens that I am using now is a small step up from the kit lens. The kit lens has the biggest aperture of f/3.5. But My Sigma has f/2.8. The smaller the number the more blur the background gonna get. To further enhance this background blur effect, distance your subject from the background. You're gonna be fine.

So this photo uses both background blur to bring out the person and then I used the Rule of Thirds to get an interesting portrait. For a street photography portrait the background is also important, that's why I kept the buildings in frame carefully.
These stuff is just some techniques available to get interesting 3D like photos. But actually there is a lot of techniques used out there so the best way to learn them is to go outside and snap lots of photos!

Enjoy a video I made recently,

See ya soon!


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rules are made to be broken..??.ahah..nice apa kat korea?

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