Sunday, 25 December 2011

Everland & Christmas Ice Skating

The best theme park in Korea! That's what I can say about Everland theme park located a little bit outside of Seoul. As some of you might know this is not my first time here in Korea. I was here before once on a holiday. So when I have the chance I would relive past memories by searching for old photo spots and other things that I did 9 years ago. These are some of the photos mailed by my brother from Malaysia when he scanned old photos into digital, and I compiled it with some new photos.

Everland 1

The temperature was about -8°C that Thursday with some winds going around. This is a photoblog so let's let the pictures do the talking.

Everland 307
The park is divided into two parts, one on the top of the hill and one in a valley below.
Everland 254
This photo is taken on the safari, can't recall the name of it, I really want to try the snow slope there but its closed as they are in still in the process of preparing it.
Everland 215
I once stood ate lunch here 9 years ago with my family.
Everland 213
photo of le me.
Everland 217
We were eating kimchi fried rice and were sitting on the left side of the room, near to the water dispenser 9 years ago.
Everland 258
Not much of a roller coaster guy.
Everland 081
the ski lift gives a really nice view of the place.
Everland 086
it was 8 below freezing but its fake snow though.
Everland 089
Everland 100
American Diner?
Everland 135
I was here 9 years ago too. I coulda sworn the polar bears were huge, but now it looked so small. It's me grown up or the large bears are not here anymore?
Everland 148
Now this is winter clothing.
Everland 199
The park has some tents set up for people who want to get out of the cold for a few sec
Everland 201
Monkeys. There were a lot of em.
Everland 260
Was here 9 years ago too.
Everland 291
There you go, for the effect of movement I purposely slow down the shutter speed manually. This is why I love DSLR manual controls
The park changes when night settles in. It is winter so sunset is like around 5:15pm. This is when the lights is turned on and the view is just magnificent. For those who had small compact cameras, DSLR owners are jealous of your compact size but at night is the time for the large DSLRs shine...

Everland 376
Harsh flash... Shoulda control the focusing point the right place to focus on
Everland 372
My turn behind the camera. Move the focusing points around and you'll get this.
Everland 377
I like this framing better.
Everland 406
Everland 394
Some buildings.
Everland 387
This is my favourite view.
Everland 413
Nice perspective. Could work if there is someone standing in the picture.
Then we move on to the weekends. On a boring Saturday evening, which coincidentally is the Christmas eve, I joined two friends to go ice skating at Seoul City Hall. There was a crowd there, since a holiday is just around the corner. It is cheap to rent the ice skating shoes, at just 1000won. After buying tickets, I gathered with more friends eating dinner in a local fast food joint while waiting for our turn which is on 10:00pm. Some of the friends here are going to the church afterwards for some Christmass activity.

Le three musketeers
There was too many people on it so the chipped ice is compacted again once an hour
"Seoul Square Ice Skating Ring" that what it means I think
Le group
Happy meal?
Me bad hair day
Le group! A Korean auntie took this for us.
I also recorded a video...

That's it. Also check out my other video also posted a few days ago featuring my friends at school

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