Sunday, 15 January 2012

YouTube Video: Snow Vivaldi Park Korea

snow 1
the 'go' stance haha.
snow 2
perfect brake
Sorry that's me ten years ago. Not now haha. It was in the January of 2003 at another ski park called Pheonix Ski Park, probably located somewhere in the neighbourhood. The place was one of the shooting locations for Autumn In My Heart soap opera if you're some drama addict. So this is me, back ten years later at Vivaldi Ski Park.

sorry for the background blur, it was dark and I need to open up the aperture. The writing is Vivaldi Ski Park
Me and a friend holding snowboards.
the park view with some friends
more friends
next time kid, next time... one day I'm gonna try this
So for some mysterious reason, most of my friends opted for a cheaper sport. I wanted to try snowboarding but the same mysterious reason hit me too so most of us did something else. I didn't ski or snowboard, but still, I still got the same load of fun.

this is the test shot I took before recording to set my video exposure right. Tack sharp.
As you'd expected, I like to mess around with my Canon EOS 600D manually. To make a good looking video, I used f/11 for a deep depth of field and then mess the shutter speed and ISO for the correct exposure, balancing the EV meter. Deep DOF means that more things are in focus. Same rule applies when shooting landscape photos, now applied to videos. The mistake that I made was in the panning shot showing people getting ready on their boards. I used 1/60s in 30fps and the result was a little bit of a choppy video. I should have it lower at 1/40s or 1/30s for smooth transition between frames at 30fps. This is tough times mate, still learning.

Put the technical part of videography aside, this is the video that I said just now.

It's Sunday, fun fun fun...
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