Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Snowy Seoul | Curse and Blessing

Yes it is winter but this year there is not much snowfall. Snow usually falls at night, but disappears the following evening. And not much snow fell too. It is only a few centimetres thick. We'll start with the good photos first. This me and my housemates on our rooftop of our modest apartment.




In taking these photos I was quite challenged. Not because of the external conditions but my own condition, I had to work around with only one hand, my right hand. If you see my photo (the first one yeah) I was hiding my left hand while my right hand was giving a 'peace' sign. This is the reason why;


It happened about a week ago, round Chinese New Year. We were out and about, ice skating to kill some time on the ice. It was my second time and my second hour in ice skating. It means I am still a complete noob in this ice skating thing. It all happened so fast. I was skating gracefully when suddenly I felt like I was losing my balance. I fell on my back and in the process the base of my left palm caught ground first. A stupid reflex I guess. My arms pretty much saved my ass from hitting the ice hard. I quickly try to stand again to get out of other people's way.

The point of impact was the base of my palm but my wrist hurt the most as I hunched on the skating rink wall, trying to bear the pain. I stopped skating immediately and went out. The pain gradually grew in time and I cant straighten my arms. It was late so I came home, call in a night and went to the hospital the next day. They diagnosed my bones through x-ray and the doctor said in Korean, there is no problem with the bones, while he wrapped my arms in a 90 degree angle with some kind of cast.

Finally the cast is opened yesterday. Although my arms are free of agonizing pains, it still cannot be fully straightened.



Look at it, compare my arms. I don't know what to do with it. So I rub my arms with hot oil. Any suggestions? 


I also did a video after freeing my arm

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