Sunday, 18 March 2012

Buy A DSLR in Korea?

Yongsan Station. The main gadget shopping area in Seoul.
let me quote a paragraph in a previous post that can be found here;

"Last friday after doing our friday prayers at Itaewon, I followed some friends to go to Yongsan, a place that can be dubbed as Korea's version of Low Yatt Plaza. They bought game controllers, XBOX games, and microphones. Then I moved on to the DSLR section to investigate the price and availability of the A65. Most stores have not yet put them up into display but some of their friends have it, and the most lucrative offer was 950,000 won for the A65 body and a 18-55mm kit lens. That's it. Nothing more. Memory cards and tripods are sold separately. That's fine. I already know if I buy in packages they will slip me a slow speed Class 4 memory card which is not suitable for full HD recording. Ah I think the battery must be included of course, it is a nasty idea to hide the battery from the kit box. But it happens to be the next offer that really tempted me. Another store offers 1,202,000 won for the A65 body with a very handsome 16-50mm f/2.8 SSM lens."

But when I came again to really buy them, they said that they didn't have any in stock and offered me something else. And when I asked them who might have one, they point me to some store and let me bounce around like a ball. The price is also somehow impossible. They also doubt of my choice. I want a Sony so beat it, its my choice. I know my choices so why put up stupid reasons down my throat? (Reasons and rebuttal in the link)

Dongdaemun Market. Literally a market running on jungle law.
The problem is. THERE IS NO SYSTEMATIC SYSTEM IN KOREA'S BUSINESS CULTURE. Let's say Dongdaemun. In those malls, the shops are not really shops. They're more like stalls, each one with different owners. So while browsing through the stores you can't really walk around looking at the clothes displayed. The shopkeepers are constantly trying to get your attention and sometimes to the extent of pulling your arms, ushering you to their store. There will be no price tags at all. You must come up with your own price and then haggle.

If you're good, you're gonna get good clothes with dirt cheap prices. But if not, you would end up paying much more than you should. It goes the same with Yongsan. There will be no price tags and no honest business practice. Just predators lurking for your money. You gotta know your price and ready to walk away if you don't get your price.

With this post I want to make a promise to myself. No camera parts or cameras are going to be bought in Korea ever again. I will try my best. The DSLR technology is developing so fast nowadays I wanna wait and see how it will turn out before buying anything. Without extra lenses I can easily 'jump boat' when I see something interesting from Nikon or Sony. (aka change brands). See ya.

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SyUhAdA said...

ooh,dongdaemun..citer korea terbaru, fashion king, diorg blakon kat cni la..

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