Tuesday, 24 April 2012

70D Expectations

It's not like Canon released some sneak peeks on the camera watch society yet. This is just me. Canon did release the 60Da a few months ago so for a totally new model to be released is kinda hard. But what if the Canon engineers out there saw this and are reading this? I would be damn honored. People out there are screaming for a 7D update. But I am yelling for a 60D update. Not a DSLR that can only be used for the stars.

Dear Mr Canon Engineer,
Please start work on the next 70D. The Canon mid-range DSLRs are great. I have experience with the 40D and the 60D before and I liked both of them. Unfortunately the 60D lost some sting compared to its forefathers. If you are reading, this is my hopes for it. 

I would love the 70D to come back with the magnesium-alloy construction which is superbly tough. While some users might scream for compactness and lightweight, I think the current size is optimally compact. The magnesium-alloy body would weigh more than the 60D but the extra weight will be appreciated in video recording. Videos will look much smoother with much inertia to hold it down from camera shakes. If it is weatherproofed, I will even appreciate it even more.

About the megapixel craze, Sony and Canon making the 24 megapixel APS sensors, I would love the 70D to retain the pixel count but give much improvements with the high ISO performance. My 600D produces noisy images but after some cleaning is usable even at ISO H (12,800). I hope to see a new sensor that can be cleaner than Sony's 16.2 megapixel sensor at ISO 3200, especially if the new 5D Makr III's DIGIC 5+ processor is powering the 70D.

The 60D lost its fast burst rate to 5.3fps from 6.3fps on the 50D. Although I rarely use burst mode. It would be a peace of mind knowing my camera could perform when it needs to. I hope Canon would bring back the 6.3fps burst rate to the 70D.

Although some cameras now offer full HD 1080p 60fps recording, but I still think the 30fps and 24fps are still relevant. Some might complain there is no AF at all during video recording, but I still think it allows total control. I hope on the 70D the video mode is kept as it is now with the 60D, and please do keep the vari-angle LCD screen. It helps a hell lot only 600D and 60D users appreciate.

Thank you. If the 70D is out with these specs that I expected, do expect me camping in front of your store like an Apple fag waiting for their purchase.

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