Saturday, 21 April 2012

Spring 2012

Spring is short. Let's make the best out of it by gunning down any photo opportunity as much as we can. It was a Tuesday when we heard that there will be some rain in the weekends. Rain marks the end to these delicate flowers so we rushed to take photos there. I was just excited in the need to make new photos. Then Aiman called some other friends to join us.

Spring 2012 026

Spring 2012 181

Spring 2012 102

Spring 2012 111

Spring 2012 150

Spring 2012 252

Spring 2012 126

Lovely weather, lovely lighting and lovely sights. Just perfectly in time for masterpieces. I am writing this on the very weekend and true there was some rain and now the trees are sheading their flowers, replacing them with green leaves. Glad I made it in time. See ya
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