Thursday, 5 April 2012

Summer in San Diego California | Part1 : Getting There

Old memories, old photos always brings back fond memories. While sorting out the clutter of photos in my computer hard disk I thought why not I immortalize the memories in a post in my travel and photography blog. Although my first experience setting foot on American soil was in the year of 2005, our time there was short. We can't really feel the American way of life. When dad broke out the news that we are going to USA again I was euphorically happy~ This is IT!

It was the first day of August 2008 when I woke up in the morning, hours before the sun even shines it rays above the horizon, well rested and fresh from a nice long nights sleep. I would need it, as I will be spending my next night sitting on a chair 35,000 feet among the clouds. In the dark of dawn we locked the house and gathered our luggage at the lawn as we waited for the transport to the airport. We were lucky to have a neighbour who is such a hardworking taxi driver, who never said no to our requests to ferry us to the airport in odd hours. I can hear the engines of the red Proton Saga fired up in the cold air and then the taxi pulled over in front of our lawn, still covered in fresh dew. We loaded the boot with our luggage and headed to Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

9 AM in the airfields of KLIA, a little bit of selca wont hurt
Then in about 9am we started boarding our Cathay Pacific flight, a B747-400 which will fly us safely above the Pacific Ocean towards San Diego via Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Anyways, I was lucky enough to get a window seat, yay! By 10am we are above the clouds flying towards Hong Kong International Airport, the home base of the large Cathay Pacific fleet of B747s as its four Rolls-Royce jet engines propels us at 0.85 Mach or 912 km/h at the cruising altitude of 36,000 feet.

After stopping for a while in Hong Kong for a sip of fuel, the B747 continues its long haul journey across the South China Sea, flying over Japan onto open waters of the North Pacific. This flight duration is 19 hours, and we will run out of daylight in the middle of the flight. The stars appeared so close to us and more stars are visible. While we were above Sapporo, Japan nightfall gave a majestic view above the clouds as we flew into darkness. At 26,000 feet landmass looked like islands on a map, cities looked like clusters of stars on the ground. But night was not that long, the sun and I meet up again a few hours later as we re-enter the daylight area in the other side of the earth's curvature, arriving in the evening in local time of Los Angeles.

We meet again, sun! This is not sunrise, we are flying INTO the sunset
WELL, thats the fun part, the bad part is the seats are small and wont recline much so I cant get much sleep on board except for some short naps in intervals. Plus, sharing a just few toilets with hundreds of people, you know how the condition of the toilet becomes after 18 hours~ After hours of agony, seriously, "Are we there yet?"

Nope. In Los Angeles we must change flights to another domestic flight to San Diego. Thankfully it only took an hour. And HERE WE ARE~

to be continued~

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