Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Monster Beats Solo HD (White) - By Rayven

the box
It's a normal, slow day... And I have the urge to text message my elder sister who is in Australia. Usually I only text her when there's something funny going on in the house. As we were just chatting, she asked me if I still want Beats Solo HD (it was a dream I have for a whole year, that I even plan out to get jobs and save money to buy it in Malaysia, but my sis told me that she'll get it for me) and burst of joy I say YES yes yes yes YYYEEESSS! And she told me yeah she got it already, ask me to expect a package to arrive in a couple of days. I was dancing in joy, cabbage patching (Google it if you don't know what it means). I was grinning the whole day... And I have to wait a couple more days!

OMG! The night was slow as I was obviously still in hype after receiving the news. I keep tracking my package online and found out that it traveled half around the Earth before reaching my home door. It was first in Australia, then to The States and to South Korea. I was wondering "why the hell did the package travel to two countries and not directly to Malaysia?" Whatever. Just hope that the package comes to me safely and most importantly, authentic. The night went through so slow.... 4am! I still have more than 24 hours to wait for it... And somehow I fell asleep at god knows what time in the middle of the night... I was in dreamland...and then I hear something familiar. A ringing sound. Only once, then I realise... MY DOORBELL! Jumped out from my bed, with my rolled-out-of-bed hair and in my pyjamas (hoodie and sweatpants) I ran to my door, opening it and saw, OH SWEET LORD!!! IT'S THE DELIVERY GUY!!! And he goes all 'my god...' sseing me like that, whatever. And praise the lord he said MY name! I was like yes!!!! I AM THE ONE YOU SPEAK OF! Signed the freaking papers and got my package!!! Woohoo! 10am of the 19th of April 2012, jumping with joy with my package!!!! 

Then my phone rang, it was a text message from my sis, she asked "got it?". Caps Lock all the way replying her "OH YESS YES YES YES YES! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!". And she replied casually "Hehe, send me some pics of it k, arent they awesome? I might get one myself if a friend of mine is going to the states." Woohoo, I just throw my crappy phone on the couch and gently place my package on the coffee table in the living room. Slowly cutting through the tape of the box... And found the most beautiful box ever... beats by dr. dre... Oh, my heart... Slowly taking it out... My beautiful beautiful beautiful headphones... My hands tremble with joy... Maybe I shed a tear or two... My White Beats Solo HD... The first thing I did was take a few pictures of it and unboxing it, reading the manuals and stuff, yes, I read the manual. I always read the manual of anything I buy. Serious. The manual is pretty too actually, has a seemingly naked woman with Beats Pro as a cover. 

Monster Beats Solo HD White
So anyway, I remove the plastic cover of my headphones and plug it to my iPod, put it on I was like "this is it... My eardrums are officially in bass booster haven." Ahhh... I was in deep pleasure... Eargasm. Hahahahaha. Beats Solo HD, light weight, metal hinges, stylish and umph up those bass, woohoo! It's new feature, Superior Strength Headband, which means no matter how much you bend that headband in any angle it wont break (still, wouldnt suggest doing that, I know I wouldnt). 

It also has the Control Talk feature where it is an in-line mic and volume control for super clear calls and noise cancelation, thus you can have a real clear conversation through the phone in noisy situations e.g. in traffic or disco (only compatible to certain devices though. Like any other headphones, using them for a long period of time, gives you a little uncomfort on the ears, but it's all worth it... It's ear cups are designed to minimise as much noise as possible, great for listening to most of the music. I do not recommend wearing Beats while you're outdoors, one thing, these are expensive, if someone just happens to grab it while you were walking, well, heartache.

Secondly, you won't even notice if the guy creeps up behind you and grab it coz the noise cancelation feature really cancels out a lot of noise. Like say, you're crossing a street and a car comes at you and honks, you wont hear it. So, it's not really an item to show off in public. I was even afraid to bring it out. I did once coz my friend requested for it. The headphones are foldable and it comes with a bag, great convenience, so I was holding to that bag like it holds the source of my entire life. Beats Solo HD are more of an on-ear headphones rather than over-ear. So means, you can't headbang hard to your favourite metal music coz it can simply slip off and hit the cold hard floor and risk breaking or worst...scratched... But in the website it mentioned it's scratch-proof, still I wouldnt suggest you to experiment with it. 

It also comes with an extra Moster Cable, a cleaning cloth to clean off those fingerprints off the shiny glossy headband. It comes in three colours, Charcoal Black (classic beats by dr. dre colour), White (the ones I'm having and it stands out from my black hair) and Red (limited edition). There's is also an Artiste edition, the artiste Justin Bieber (gawd, I hate him) called JustBeats which is in the colour Purple (his official colour i assume, yuck) for those die-hard Beliebers out there. One time, I saw this dude with JustBeats, me and a close friend of mine gave him that "Ewww, gross! Yuck~!" look. Still, perspective. You like it, be my guest. Go grab one.


Wan Azril Syazrin said...

wooooo...i'm so jealous with you...

Rusyaidie Adie said...

I'm JEALOUS with you!!!....where do you buy it!!!.... I want too!!!

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