Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sultan Johor vs Russian President feat ThatNikonGuy

In Facebook yesterday there is a buzz on about the Sultan or the king of Johor winning the auction for a rare plate number in Malaysia. Which is 'WWW1'. The price the king paid can be seen here in the photo everyone been sharing around.
the WWW plate number owners, topping the list is the king.
Half a million is a lot of money for a plate. Some are questioning his financial source, lambasting him whatsoever and some are just saying "ah what a waste" because for that money one can buy another luxury car. 
and this was what the prince replied...
The following are just my two cents.

A flashback immediately struck me on the photography gear that the Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev owns. As a man who has the fate of millions of people in his hands and probably the fate of the world even (nuclear bombs he has access too), I am sure he won't be very constant in photography. But lets take a look at some of his gear.
That is a Leica S2 with Summarit S 70mm that costs RM107,000.
That is a Leica M9 and Noctilux 50mm costs RM65,000.
The same Russian president holding a Canon beast with L lens which costs a lot too.
To some that saw how he holds the Leica S2 one youtuber thought that Mr. Medvedev have no idea in photography and depends on his assistant to open the lens cover for him. The comment is the same to those who are lambasting the king for his expenses. Then I saw a video from one of my photography guru ThatNikonGuy:

For one, he is enjoying it. While some are debating on the source of the money, it is his money, we are not in the position to comment it. So lets go back to caring the money in our wallet. Once tax is paid don't you think that money is not ours anymore? I'm just thinking what if we paid RM1 for a candy bar to the grocery store, can we actually be the boss and tell the grocery store what to do afterwards? Of course the I would expect the government to spend the tax money wisely, but we are talking about the pay that the President gets. Are we in the position to give orders to him?

I don't know I'm just a kid so please enlighten me. Just stop the jealousy like how Matt Granger said it. What interests me is the number of Malays in the list. You can see how many Chinese businessman in it but just a small number of Malays. Don't you think this is an issue that we actually SHOULD care about? Just my opinion though. See ya! 

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