Saturday, 9 June 2012

Badass Street Photography kit. Nikon D3200

This post is written using an android smartphone. Testing my Samsung SII.
Guess what. I don't usually talk about Nikons much. But this time I will. When people ask me what camera should they take for capturing those fast, still life shots of real people in streets. Most say any camera would do. That's true. But you can appreciate the compactness and the fast response. Result is simply that moment, captured.
I will say the Nikon D3200 with a Nikkor 35mm 1.8G. Why? It is a badass performer. That big DX format sensor with a compact body, is a recipe for some big WIN. Im saying this as a fact true for the older D3000 and D3100 bodies too. You just gotta fix it with the right lenses. That 35mm with a large aperture can produce nicely blurred backgrounds and fast shutter speeds even in low light capabilities.
Nice eh? Plus that 1.5x cropped DX format sensor will make the 35mm looks like a 50mm in the days of film. Although there will be some distortion due to the lens focal length, but still who would really notice it?
The Nikon D3200 cost $700 with the kit lens and the 35mm costs around $200. In total it costs around $900 or RM2800 with a zoom lens to play around with. Get that camera with that 35mm and go hunting!

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