Thursday, 28 June 2012

"Di Buritan Kapal" Flight Experience

So this is me, writing my boredom off in my android after a successful liftoff on board Air Asia's Airbus A330-300 from Incheon en route to Kuala Lumpur. The flight will take about six hours. The flight departed at around 5.45pm and I will encounter sunset and darkness will catch up from behind in flight while flying west.
I am lucky enough to get the window seat this time. So what happened prior to departure? Lets document it.
Last night after posting my previous post I still couldn't sleep. My eyes were heavy but my head kept running like bonkers. Check this check that. I followed. It is a traveller's nightmate to forget an important item during a trip. I was like 'check battery' 'check old passports' and such. So after so much checking I finally dozed off nearly at 5am. Sleeping that late made me wake up late too. Woke up at 11am, a quick shower and some house organizing, I'm all set for the trip.
I will be leaving the house for two months, last night I spread the cockroach trap like crazy and covered important stuff with newspaper as if I wont be back for decades. Old habits die hard. In KL things get so dusty pretty quick.
OMG turbulence. Nearing one hour into flight, outside is bright and sunny. Invisible winds are toying around the airplane. Get off! Mr Captain please find a comfy route!
So in this flight I am not alone. I have three friends with me. Naz, Fikri and Hatta are here in the same flight. Oh this turbulence is shaking crazy. This noon after doing our prayers then we left fpr the airport. We took a taxi from Guro to Gimpo Airport that costs us around 11,000 won. So it was like 3,000 won per person. Then we continued using the AREX or 공항철도 It takes us like 38 minutes or so to get to the Incheon and it costs like a little more than 3,000 won per person using T-Money card.
The moment we got to Incheon, we proceeded to the check in counter at the departure halls. We quickly got into the line at the E counters. And then got some breakfast cum lunch at Lotteria and proceed to the security checkpoints and customs. Next we left for the surau at the Sattelite Terminal (maybe it is called that I'm not sure).
The surau was just an empty room with some sejadah probably someone wakaf them before this. The area was kinda secluded and not many know about it. How did I find it in the first place long ago? I just followed the signboards.
After some more waiting and here we are. On board. Oh thank god the turbulence is wethered off for now. I'm currently waiting for my meal to ne served. There are a group of Chinese aunties, based on their looks probably older than Malaysia. Conversing loudly in chinese in a dialect I am not familliar with. While ordering food they faced some difficulties as they cant speak English well. They could speak in Bahasa Melayu if they wanted to, I catched a glimpse of their Malaysian passport a while ago, but they didn't. If you'd ask some Malaysians on why citizens cant speak thw national language or even English, some would say jokingly, "Welcome to Kepong." KL city dwellers will know that area well and what that means.
Whoa this is a long post. Just writing my boredom off. Congrats you've read so far. Up here there is no connection so lets just continue.
Air Asia. Now everyone can fly. 9gaggers in this situation will probably couldn't stand the amount of Asian culture in this aircraft. Come on, 'this is Asia!'. Some Koreans are sleeping in front. Some are conversing in Chinese loudly. Some are watching movies on their iPads. Some are typing off something in their notebook. My friend Hatta sitting beside me is listening to songs on his phone. Trying to sleep maybe. The blaring sound of the engine is just loud for me to bear.
I have difficulties in sleeping on board. Especially with the loud engine noise and the sitting position. That's why I'm wide awake now and are typing like crazy on my android.
Nearing two and half hours intp flight. The sun is setting. By my side. Based on my compass in my phone we are flying South.Cant wait to get on land again. In my early days as a traveller, I'm always excited spending my time on an airplane. But after experiencing more like TEN long haul flights exceeding 12 hours to various locations, flytime is no longer fun. I am going somewhere soon. I don't know where yet. Oh I hope I wont have to add more flights to the longer than 12 hour long haul flights list.
Four hours after takeoff. Dozed off a few minutes just now. To reduce the effects of jet lag, people recommend that we stay awake in flights from the east to west. For flights to the west from the east, it is recommended to get lots of sleep. But the effects of jet lag will only be severe crossing a lot of time zones. For this flight I'm just crossing one time zone so I won't bitch around jet lagged.
So now Im home after a trip to the mamak last night and followed by a good night sleep. Now I gotta go do stuff, I'm home! Ciao!

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