Sunday, 10 June 2012

Kari Ayam vs Kurma Ayam

Since I got my android I have the freedom to post anything in this blog without any hassle of needing to turn on my laptop. Gonna do this always. Perhaps one day while I'm travelling too I can post things.
The final exam for this semester will start in like three days from the day I am typing this. Then in about three weeks later is my flight back home. I'm quite happy for the beginning of summer break is coming but nervous at the same time for the finals.
So today while I was studying I thought about doing my laundry. Then a thought struck me to clean the detergent input which is covered with a layer of detergent crystal. The culprit is simple. Those powder detergent. Then I started to scrub the outer part of the washing machine, covered with a layer of grease and dust, accumulated in the years it served.
Then after the washing machine is sparkling clean I started to clean the stove. The stove is directly above the washing machine. It is the cooking oil from the stove that jumps out and marinate the washing machine. It took me a good hour cleaning it. Oh at least my muscles were moving right?
Then when all was sparkling clean I cooked some Malaysian style Kurma Ayam. Pretty simple stuff. Earlier today I found something that I picked up from my mum. That is the condition of the sink after cooking. I noticed that after cooking my friends would leave the apparatus used in the sink. Making cleaning another chore itself later after cooking.
But mum always multitasks. She did all the cleaning during cooking so after cooking the kitchen is clean. Everything looked so simple that way. As if the dish appeared without any hassle. I didn't know I actually followed her method without knowing it. Subconciously. Wow life is scary.
To some boys who fear to cook, that fear is baseless. Cooking is so simple when you know the method. Especially Kari Ayam and Kurma ayam. Much simpler than calculus I can guarantee you that. I wish calculus is easy as making Kari Ayam. Haiz.

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