Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Last Night in Seoul

Okay this is it. My last night in Seoul. I will be going home to Malaysia for the summer leave. Yeah school has ended. The semester ended, just okay. My exam results? I'd say I survived the war. What the hell. Lets just have fun in Malaysia for two months.
To most of the kids here, this is their first trip home in one and a half years. But I'm an exception. I went home first time in spring 2011 to visit my mum, she was hospitalized there because of some growth in the uterus, left untreated there is a risk of it becoming cancerous. I spent like 6 days for the trip. Then three months later, like in the summer days I went home again to follow up on her. Spent just a few days home. For autumn I spent it in Korea and in winter, I went home one more time after spending a week with them here in Korea. I went home for a few days. ALL trips are done without me having to skip classes so no worries bro.
To be frank, since primary school I dont remember of spending a full year stuck in one place. Except for the years I took my UPSR, PMR and SPM. I gotta check this one more time when Im home. I was like, whoa this is crazy.
So this flight is the same drill with the ones I've done before. Last three times I took the 651 bus from my old apartment to Gimpo International, before hopping on the fast train to Incheon International. I usually travel light so that I have no problem lifting them to change transport modes. This time my friend has a big luggage so I would just hop on a cab to Gimpo and continue on the fast train to Incheon.
Plans in Malaysia? I am expecting a trip to somewhere I am not told of yet before Ramadhan (perhaps even in Ramadhan like fasting there? whoa that sounds awesome). I would just wait and see. Spending my time in Malaysia, I would meet up with school friends, snap lots of photos with my DSLR and such. And also spend my raya there. The festive season yeah!
This is the beginning, two months of adventure. I will be posting more posts through my blog thru my android, like what I am doing right now so stay tuned.
Forgive me for my grammar mistakes. Too sleepy to proofread. Nights

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