Monday, 18 June 2012

Random Photos I Took Around Seoul Last Winter

Just some photos I took randomly around Seoul last winter.

Oh 'peace sign' ruins every good shot.

Namdaemun HDR
Namdaemun Market

D-Cube Shopping
Anywhere is a playground for a child, D-Cube Mall.

fish and chips asian edition
‎"생선까스" - Fish Fillets. A popular Korean style lunch.

snowy market
Even on a snowy day, business must be kept running.

snow at house 2
The fresh snow.

snow at house
The fresh snow covers everything making a person like me in awe, although those are normal stuff.

one snowy morning
School is school.

Hyundai Accent M19
A Hyundai car covered in snow.

1 comment:

SyUhAdA said...

besnye dpt gi korea..pastu musim winter pulak..

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