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2012 New York Trip Favourite Shots

Hi. Three days passed after my trip to the east coast of America. After crossing 12 time zones, the jet lag was awesome. I was sleepy and slept in odd hours even during the day for two days. The third day I would say I am perfectly cured. So, during the trip I visited New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Niagara Falls, Boston, and back to New York again before heading home. I haven't posted most of my photos in facebook yet because facebook albums are so mainstream I'm not sure if people would even see it if I uploaded my photos there. Well, the amount of silent photo watchers in facebook is too high. 

So here it is, my favourite photos from my recent trip. My style is travel photography, its never about the colours. It's about embedding memories in a square frame. I don't do much editing (as I don't know much on the know hows of photoshop) so I can guarantee you, these photos are just from a noob DSLR swinging kid.

Flying. This was taken a few minutes after departure at KLIA on a Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300 en route to Hong Kong for a transit stop and change flights for a direct flight to JFK.

Sunset above Miyazaki, Japan. Taken hours after transit stop at Hong Kong, this time on a Boeing B777-300ER (yes, the new ultra-long haul A380 competitor, speed vs capacity). The cruising speed was awesome and this is the highest altitude I've been, 38,000 feet above sea level.

Looking out of the window of a Cathay Pacific A330-300. Just my brother looking out. I love the light forming on him so I snapped a photo. I learned that taking exposure at the face and focusing at the eye usually works quite well. 

Statue of Liberty. I'm in New York!

33rd Street New York is near the Empire State building as you can see behind me. There was a constant crowd and the roads were full of taxis, just what like you usually see in a movie.

Times Square, New York. This is where most of the action happens.

Elmo is thirsty! Just before hopping on the bus I saw this street performer doing some shopping in his costume. These moments are priceless. Maybe this is why New York is very famous for street photography.

Bryant Park. This is taken from the Empire State Building. If you see further North, you can see Central Park.

Financial District, New York. This is where Wall Street and the World Trade Center twin towers once stood. Now, another twin towers are replacing them. From here you can see Long Island on the left and New Jersey at the bottom right, separated from Manhattan by the water.

Reflection Pool, Washington DC. I need further reading on these sites before I can say anything. All I know is, these monuments are important to them. So that obelisk there, was build in the ages of the Civil war. Surely so much back in the days of the founding fathers maybe. But look at the crowd.

The White House. With agents crawling around the grounds 24/7 I'm not sure if President Obama is in there or not at this time, all I know is, he stays here. Hey Mr President I am at your gate! That's the closest I can get to the President for the time being, even if he is inside.

Niagara Falls. It comprises of two big waterfalls; American falls, the one closest to me and the Horseshoe falls. Which is the biggest and located in the Canadian side. All of the water came from the same river from Lake Erie and into Lake Ontario after some crazy white water rapids down stream.

Niagara Falls. Lovely sight. You can see more of the Horseshoe Falls back there and directly behind me is the American Falls.

Boston. Home of some independence stuff and great universities, the Harvard and the MIT.

8th Avenue New York. Aaand I'm back to New York for two days before going home. So its not just rows of tall buildings, they do have some open spaces to relieve the claustrophobics.

Greenland. Aaand I'm going home after 7 days. This time instead of flying the usual route, the B777-300ER flies North almost, near the North Pole. In contrary to the previous flight this 16 hour flight was under sunlight for the whole duration of the flight.

Artic Sea. Taken somewhere north off Greenland coast. I remember after this shot, as the aircraft goes further north it is just sea of ice with beautiful textures and large potholes.

Petronas Twin Towers. And it means that I'm home.

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