Friday, 13 July 2012

Back to New York short update

Its Thursday. After six days on a coach, starting tomorrow we are free to roam the streets on our own. This is the reap deal. What I do best in my past visits.
On the first day we arrived at the airport in the evening we was fetched by a tour company representative to a Ramada hotel in Newark New Jersey. The next day we went around New York and stayed in the same hotel in New Jersey.
Then we headed south to Washington DC and spent a night there. Next we went to Niagara falls and stayed in a hotel near Buffalo. Then the next day we went to Boston and after one night there, here we are, on route back to New York for another two days on our own. I'm planning to go around using the public transport. I'm gonna love this!
So I'm not gonna write a detailed story yet, I will soon. Just a short update this time. I am currently in Walliford maybe, somewhere in Connecticut. Will reach New York again soon. See ya around ya'll. Im gonna end this short update with a picture of my new shoe haha.

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