Saturday, 7 July 2012

Flight to New York 7th July 2012

This is me again typing away time on my android. Currently I am on a Cathay Pacific Airbus A330 on my way to Hong Kong International, their whiskey hotel.
20 minutes after takeoff now I am above the South China Sea, after flying over Selangor and Pahang. The sky is much cleaner here than above land. There is a greyish tint in the sky on land. Currently we are travelling at 831kmh at 34,000 feet or 10210m above sea level. It is sunny outside but at this altitude the temperature is -37°C. Normal for an Airbus A330. Oh you just cant get these real time infos on board Air Asia. That's suckishly boring.
This flight duration is 3 hours and 50 minutes. Much tolerable than KUL to ICN long haul that lasts like 6 hours. But 6 hour is nothing to what I will be doing next.
Hong Kong to New York. Crossing 12 time zones on a Boeing B777-300ER. The dreamliner I guess. My first super long haul jet ride. Yup. I never travelled this far on a single flight before because in the last three visits this far, I always continue with domestic flights. But crossing 12 time zones are not new to me . So to the people in Malaysia, say its 1pm there. It will be 1am in New York. Just 180° degrees behind ya.
Just got some roasted peanuts with some apple juice. Come on dont expect luxury when you're with me. Here sitting with some Hongkis and a group of Arabic people on their way to Hong Kong. Oh there are parents bringing small children flying too. Kids. You know they scream and cry some times. Malaysian Airlines no child policy kinda maked sense now. And parents, small children still cant cope with the low air pressure inside the cabin. I can imagine how painful the feeling of puffed ears and babies dont know hoe to deal with it. So they cry, a lot. Parents, wait until they're big enough like 7 or something before flying please.
There will be nothing but open sea below along this flight to Hong Kong except after making landfall at Hong Kong. So hmm I am flying eastwards. Lets minimize jet lag by getting as much sleep as we can okay?
50 minutes to destination. Having done three hours of flight time. This is boring. Cant wait to actually arrive there. Just another 16 hours of flight time left before I arrive in New York. Its gonna be allright. Lets pray for Allah's protection and blessings for this trip. The aircraft is starting to turn around. Maybe Hong Kong is near.
So I am at HKIA now. Proceeding to my gate. After this I will be on the super long haul crossing 12 time zones. See ya around. Will be posting stuff live as they happen. If I have wifi.

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