Sunday, 8 July 2012

Hong Kong to JFK New York Flight

So while I am writing this I am flying on a Cathay Pacific Boeing B777-300ER from Hong Kong International to John F Kennedy in New York. Currently I am flying above the Pacific and five hours passed since takeoff.
We were kinda late to check in online so the available seats were scattered across the cabin. Asians. They do things fast dont they? So I am sitting with a chinese boy named like O something, some greek number. I forgot. Not a big fan of the greek okay. I will ask his email address soon before disembarking.
He is travelling for a like school trip with 20 classmates to Boston, home of MIT and HARVARD!! They are going to stay at the summer house and like party rocking maybe for three weeks. He is 16 though. Well. I would love to have a friend from China. I hope hes active on facebook.
Sitting beside him is a pretty girl which is one of his schoolmates in the flight. Judging from the games they played, these are the elite kids I'd say. Its not about economic status, its the social status in school. I enjoyed that status thanks to the flock of kids who opted for government boarding schools. Simply, kings and queens of high school. Come on kids this is Asia. The smarter you are, the cooler you'd be.
So the funny part today was this. The stewardess came and asked if we would like to have some drinks. I clearly said "plain water" with a slight tinge of British accent picked up from my English teacher at school. And the stewardess understood it as "ping guo zher" or something like that. So she gave me a glass of apple juice.
How cool is that! Okay me sitting beside kids from China, and plus with my single-eyelid Asian face and maybe lightly tanned yellow skin, I do look like a Chinese do I?
Whoa. Well.. I like it. Hoorah. My best friend is a Chinese girl, maybe I can be like a spy in DAP meetings someday LOLZ. Someday...
Someday I will want to visit Beijing and maybe Tokyo. I am flying above Tokyo now. Someday... I gotta collect funds from now. I want to add Japan into my collection of 21 countries visited. Although Hong Kong is considered a part of China, I want to know how it felt like in Beijing. The people up north. Psst, all those Kpop girls you saw in TV, well, China has their own beauties too. I still remember a woman member of the Malaysian parliament strongly disagrees with the thought of bringing maid workforce from mainland China. I see what you did there.
Well there are beautiful women in every part of the world. Dont forget the ones back home in Malaysia too. I just turned 20 this year, no longer a teenager omg. Why not we set up some doppler radar for candidates dont we? In facebook lots of girls are posting about marriage and stuff. They already casting out signals with their transmitters obviously.
Its 11 hours into flight. We are above Alaska, flying into Canadian territories. Its summer but I can see snow in the mountaintops. Just Canada maybe. I have like 5 hours more to go before landing. I couldn't sleep well. It was like on and off like that. Told you I can sleep sitting. Throw me anywhere. I can sleep with noise and light around, but not if I'm not lying down. Prepare for major jet lag. I will be arriving in JFK at 7.45pm. Hope I can quickly get to a hotel and sleep like really, sleep.
14 hours into flight. Now flying over the great lakes in Canadian airspace. Interestingly the terrain is largely flat, and then a sudden drop forming a water body. Big ones. Two hours to go. I slept quite well just now.
So after arriving we went to Ramada Newark Airport and spent the night there. A new day today! Jalan!

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