Tuesday, 17 July 2012

New York - KL via Hong Kong flight home

So. Yep. After eight days spending time around the east coast of the USA here I am in my flight home. Free wi-fi is rare. I rarely got the chance to go online. Right now I am in a flight from New York heading towards Hong Kong departing at 10 am. Same way I came, this is the super long haul.
This is like six hours after departure. Was sleeping quite well in the first few hours of this flight. The cool thing about this flight this time is we are flying North through Canada and above Greenland just now. Greenland looked so beautiful from above. The landscape was filled with large rivers and lakes too. Interestingly the landscape has a kind of straight parallel shapes on them. Perhaps all of those hills and lakes were formed by glaciers.
Now flying over the ocean near an island called Svalbard, but the ocean is just massive ice shelfs here. This is summer at the North pole though. Wow. We are flying just a few kilometers away from the North pole and going to cross above Russia and China before landing in Hong Kong. This is going to be a very long flight of 16 hours.
So the bad part is over. After a tiring trip sure I can get more sleep. That is why I am not writing much this time. After a few hours of waiting at Hong Kong International Airport I am now in a flight to Kuala Lumpur. This is a very short flight. I slept for the first one and half hour straight and now I have another one hour and half to go as we are already flying near Ho Chi Minh City.
I just have no idea of smart things to say. Maybe lets save it for a detailed essay soon. I took more than 2000 photos this time, crazy snapping huh? Lets choose the good ones and post it here! Wait for it! Let me just relax and doze off a bit more before arriving at KLIA...
So here I am at home. Time to shower and sleep!

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