Thursday, 9 August 2012

Canon 600D Low Light Street - Story of 'Santan'

Oh the title would entice those kids searching for real life low light shots from a Canon EOS 600D DSLR. Now everybody wants low light capabilities right? Eeew, I know, just a feat of advertising. But who say I can't shoot handheld in low light, in the dark of night? Sure I can with this camera and a bag of tricks. Here are the photos. All are taken with a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 Mark II lens. 

The Story of Santan - coconut milk. Just a Canon 600D Nighttime Low Light Street Style shooting.

It is Ramadhan here in Malaysia. It means that the Muslims here refrain themselves from food, drinks, vices and many more from sunrise to sunset. Most would be like, 'whoa that is an awesome feat of mind". It is, normal maybe? All human beings do this for 8 hours each day while sleeping, why not do it for 13 hours during waking hours?

Simple. Wake up at 5am for Sahur, eat a considerable amount of food and water before the sun rises at 6am. From sunrise, no more food and water. Hunger is not really the main concern to me personally, but the thirst is the imminent enemy. I love water, water is life.. Oooh... After 13 hours at 7pm, when the sun is down, the fasting period is over and we can have our sip of water with glorious food. Ahh everybody exhales the breath of relief lol.

It started as a normal Ramadhan day for me, then sometime past 10pm dad called me downstairs, he asked if I wanted to go out and buy some Santan - the coconut milk, with him. So yeah why not, we went out. The coconut milk is one of the most important ingredient in many Malay dishes. It is so commonly used as it is very common plant in Malaysia. Usually the green coloured young coconut fruit is mainly for drinking, but the santan came from old brown coconuts, purposely left to age.

We went to a pasar malam, or the night market beforehand.

Nothing much interesting. So we went to a nearby grocery store, traditional Malaysian style. Not the cleanest place you would want to see but I can hide the bad parts out of my frame. And we found our coconut here! So the process is actually breaking the coconut shell into two pieces, removing the water inside it and then grating the white flesh inside it with a coconut grater. The shredded coconut flesh will be the one we need. RM2 per coconut if I'm not mistaken.

In cooking, we would soak the shredded coconut flesh into a bath of water and squeeze them to get the milk out. After repeating the process a few times the water will turn milky white and congratulations, we have the santan. 

That's that. So around 11pm I got home and enjoy my supper. A scrumptious bowl of Bubur Lambuk awaits me, one of the dishes that uses the santan in making it. Other Malaysians are standing in line on this day, they wanna enjoy a free scoop of Baskin Robbins ice cream; well Baskin promised if Dato' Lee Chong Wei win a gold medal they would give free scoop of ice cream to Malaysians, although he got silver, the plan still goes on. But this is me, eating my traditional porridge, sure, this is way much better than ice cream. Oh look at that, a fresh mango juice blend from the tree in front of my place. Lovely.
Happy Ramadhan.


Marou Apple Hijau said...

wah cantik gambar2 ni

Aperture Kinetics said...

why thank you~ kne asah lagi skill

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