Sunday, 5 August 2012

Double Standards in Muslim Malay Men

First and foremost I would like to offer my greatest apologies if you find the content of this post might hurt you in any way. I am not a religious expert so if you find any mistakes do enlighten me. I am not very comfortable in posting this Islamic stuff but I need to speak my mind out, as this is my blog, I post things that crosses my mind.

I am writing this in a feeling of despair, distrust towards my own kind, the Malays. It is a well known fact that there is a wave of Islamization going on in Malaysia where everybody is changing towards the better.

The Malays set high standards in choosing a wife. She must be beautiful and so much more. To keep things short, she must be perfect while there is no particular criteria for men to be that perfect to suit her. Just see the competition called 'Gadis Melayu' on TV. In the Islamization again the women are the ones who must heed with society's demands. They call for the women to cover up their bodies according to Islamic laws.

It is good. I don't deny it. But I began to feel dissapointed when I saw some of my male friends who are very loud advocators for Malay women to cover up end up praising sexy Korean K-pop girls as beauty idols and applauds all the pretty Malaysian Chinese girls for their beauty. It just doesn't add up. Apparently I lambasted some of them in my own synical ways and they learnt their lesson. But this DOUBLE STANDARD annoys me even further when a girl I know is in the equation.

Malay boys doesn't respect Chinese girls.
Harsh mini title there. This is not true for all though, just for some.

I remember once I saw on TV how a pious looking politician once got caught receiving bribe in the form of two china dolls, not blow up dolls, real Chinese women to have fun with. The disturbing part is when reporters asked him, why he received the girls anyway and he simply said something like; "people gave it to me as a present, I took it".

Isn't there any guilt or remorse in his actions? I don't remember when it happened or who he was but I am absolutely sure I watched him on TV.

It hurts a lot when I was chatting away with a friend, a Malaysian Chinese girl and somehow we got into the topic of relationships of the kids in school, and she broke out some amazing revelation about her past. There were a few Malay boys who actually texted her, asking if she can have sex with them. Let me just repeat, a few, not one or two, a few. She is pretty though. But she is smart enough to know that pre maritial sex is prohibited in Islam and politely turn down their pleads. She is not that cheap as the kids thought. Then I asked who the kids were, and I know them, familiar faces in school, even at the mosque every friday. I know these kids who would really avoid touching Malay girls by avoiding handshakes and all, but when it comes to Chinese girls, the tables got turned?

Look at the double standard. They had so much respect for hijjab wearing Malay girls but never felt the same respect to Chinese girls. No handshakes for Malay girls but when it comes to non Muslim Chinese girls, oh it is so okay to sleep together. That is just scary.

Facebook page selling Malay girls
A few days ago while I was blogwalking or browsing the blogs I subscribed to, I found an angry blogger, blogging about a Facebook page. The page shows pictures of pretty Malay girls and saying they will give the link to her facebook profile to the highest bidder. I don't fully understand how their sick bidding business works, gladly, their business is closed.

The pictures shown in the page is very, hmm enticing? The comments were biddings and some are just sick pornographic jokes.

There are some girls who found out and demanded their photos to be taken down from the page. I am very much dissapointed to see the treatment of other Malay men towards the girls. Of course the girls are in shock, angry to see they are in an 'auction'. I am much dissapointed how Malay men actually hurl abuse to them and said she deserved it because she didn't cover her body.

Sorry bro, that is just sick. Here is the stuff.

Again. I am very dissapointed on how disrespectful these so called mosque going hudud law advocators can be towards girls. It just doesn't add up. Islamic practices is all about telling others to abide it rudely without you changing yourself? You call for girls to cover up abiding Islamic laws but there you are, a fan of the page, bidding for links? Get a life. Get a real girl. I'm sure you can't.

You are always chanting in Facebook and Twitter about Malay girls not covering up their bodies while you feast your eyes with Girls Generation and lenglui's? Controlling lust goes both ways my brothers. I'm not saying girls can go naked around town but hey, let her do her job of covering up her body, but you need to look away too. And a soft spoken advice gives much more impact than just hurling abuse. Learn how to da'wah properly but first, learn some manners. When it comes to the issue of treatment to non-Muslim girls, I'd expect you to keep the same amount of respect towards non-Muslim girls as you would towards hijjabis and burqa wearing women.

Allah is just. Let us all, together, control our lust. May Allah cleanse our hearts with blessings and keep us away from the great fire. Amin.


Abdulaziz Arief said...

Nice! Suka part ' I'm not saying girls can go naked around town but hey, let her do her job of covering up her body, but you need to look away too.'

miss fifi said...

I kinda agree with you. we pretty much cannot change others but we have the chance to control ourselves (where for this case it's pretty much about guys controlling themselves)

truth said...

Totally agree with you. Malay guy are going to criticize you badly if you have 'non-Malay' boyfriend. As if they're good enough. If they find out that their dream girls are slightly out of their league, they will start saying that the girl is perasan lah, gila besi lah (materialistic - that's so not Malay girls characteristic), not his type lah...and so on. We Malay girl find it hilarious, sometimes annoying so we hope Malay guy will change this foolish and childish attitudes.

Anonymous said...

setiap muslim bertanggungjawab dengan muslim yang lain so kalau orang nasihat sebab orang care bukan sebab orang tak suka ko.

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