Saturday, 11 August 2012

Malaysian Bane Meme

So yesterday I posted a meme or caption pictures as some might call it. It is a picture of Bane from the Dark Knight Rises that reads "We take Malaysia from the rich, the corrupt. Malaysia is yours, do as you please."

It all began in the intention of just equating Malaysia to Gotham, just wouldn't it be cool if our country is the home of Bane and Batman? Yeah for fun. But as I were making it, uploaded it, I thought it has more to the captions. It served a bigger cause.

Gotham is plagued with problems as most would know, crime skyrockets, people are taking out their voices to the streets in violence, just perfect with Malaysia struggling with bold violent crimes commited to unsuspecting citizens, and people are taking their voices to the streets with riots, arson, looting, you name it, in the Bersih riots to name one.

Just as Bane and his clan planning his vendetta towards civilization, he wants Gotham destroyed, he puts out a nuclear bomb, threathening to bomb the city. While he does that he breaks the Gotham island from the outside world by destroying bridges and blocking tunnels. Gotham is in emergency and no government can govern.

Instead of blowing up the city to tiny pieces of smashed pumpkin immediately, he inspires false hope that he is 'returning the power to the people'. In the period he can see people fight each other, some to restore order, while some other just want to continue life without laws. The poor people continue looting rich houses. They say it is much fairer. The power belongs the people he said, although their end is counted in days. Indeed that is what Bane wanted. In the fight to survive, provide them with false hope to see them kill each other.

In reality the concept really is scary, but totally logical and true. This is how Malaysia is working.

The Malaysian democracy system is very interesting. We are heavily divided into many groups, actually worse in those groups we have much more sub-groups. Every day in TV we see politicians from many parties, promising hope to the people. But yet not much is being done to solve the major problems we face in daily life.

We see the 1 Malaysia slogan almost everywhere but yet are we really that close to being united and patriotic? Start with the political system. Every race has a few political party that speaks their demands to the nation. These parties then form a coalition together to form a bigger organization and compete for votes. Sounds like a good idea. But since every single party has their own race to defend, who cares much about the other race? Not like literally, but are we really solving problems in the same boat or just three boats tugging each other to different places? Just think about it.

To worsen things there are not a single group that represents a particular race, there are multiple. One is a shouting chauvinist, the other is defenders of a fallen leader and another is a strict religious enforcer. Well there are already three original boats tugging each other, but now there are much more boats, tugging each other to different directions. No more thinking in the same boat! How can we move forwards, even in any direction maybe as everybody is tugging each other?

Yes spread out mediocre slogans and symbols but our hearts are far apart. It has some effect but not total effect. Well, we go to different schools yeah? We need to secure our identity we kept from our motherlands through the fight of keeping these racially divided schools alive? Why cant we have only one universal way of teaching that will make us think similarly? Still with so many voices of society representatives screaming their community's needs, but not one voice for the good of all? I'm just asking. You have the answer.

The steps that needed to solve this are not yet taken in my point of view. Mediocre slogans and logos, are we being fed false hope while there are actually none?

Feed the trolls.
They say, leaders must win their voters. Some say it is by providing the people with food on their table. People who benefit from the current policies will say, lets keep things the way it is going now, vote for him! Meanwhile, the people who doesn't really benefit much on their side of the table will surely revolt, demanding a revolution! Stand up from the norm, we must take our power back from the corrupted rich stocks! Power must be returned to the people. Oh Gotham.

The major problems, like housing prices go up so fast, some say its at least 10% annually making more and more people couldn't afford buying property anymore, like not much economic activity going on to provide work opportunities for fresh grads and so much more haunting us on a daily basis. But yet none of these problems are yet nipped in the bud.

The leaders resort to giving raya bonuses, subsidies and so much more in big checks handed over to people while posing on stage in massive ceremonies in front of flashing lights of media coverage. Then another group is promising too-good-to-be-true offers like free education, abolishing loans and more subsidies. Trying to steal the spotlight, almost works but most doubt it if they could even afford that.

The meme symbolises something much bigger than it is intended. I see false hope being fed to people everywhere just like Bane wants it to be. The time bomb is ticking. To change for the better we need to stop tugging boats. Built a ferry for everyone and discuss a travel plan to reach where everybody wants to go. But it needs massive power to get these people, these boats go together. One weak young citizen just can do so much. Bane broke Batman's back with so much ease when he fought alone, but with half of Gotham united they won Gotham back.

Oh snap out of it. Its just a movie. Lets just try to live our lives happy and let those heavy faced old people worry about all those stuff. Lets just make more memes. "Why so serious, son?"

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