Monday, 3 September 2012

Back to Korea for Second Semester 2012

Yesterday, or actually last Friday I went back to Korea again. It was a fine Merdeka Day morning, my parents brought me to the Merdeka Parade to have a little bit of Malaysian fun before going to Korea. After the Friday prayers and a few hours of relaxing at home, by the evening we finalizes packing my stuff and by 9pm we are on our way to the airport.

It felt just fine during that moment. My parents met some of my fellow students also studying in Korea and their parents. After a while I had to go. The LCCT terminal was a little too familiar to me by now. I was lucky to have an 'okay' flight (not smooth but not so rough either). I was seated with two friends at 41H but soon after takeoff I got up from the seat and searched for a better one behind. Then found a wonderful row of three seats unoccupied. Nice place to crash. So I slept lying down. It was superb. I rarely get to sleep like that on an aircraft before.

We landed at around 7 am and I took a taxi ride to my house that costs me 55,000 won. At first I was a bit tensed, stressed, why do I leave the comfort of my own home and live in a foreign country? Did some pillow talk with a childhood friend Lia too lol. But then I slowly picked up myself in outings with friends, meet some people and surprisingly the thing that really lifted up my spirit back is shopping. I bought some clothes and a pillow. If I was comfy in KL why not make Seoul comfy too? I'm back in the game!

So while I was shopping I saw a bicycle that really caught my attention. Next will be the pictures. Sorry for the bad face though, went through a long day ;-p about the wardrobe don't worry still working on it..

This is the first color choice. Brown.

If you look closely they can be folded into two... Oh the price shown is equivalent to RM260.

Next is the joint.

I am very interested in owning this bike... Maybe I can spend some time cycling around my neighbourhood for photo opportunities. Maybe I can also go to Yoeido Park by the Han River. That place is just beautiful for views of the city skyline. If it is snowing outside I can fold it into half and store it indoors. I am just wondering if the tires are too small for me? I don't know.. Should I buy this bike?

More posts coming soon so stay tuned...

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