Sunday, 9 September 2012

Raya Open House for Malaysian Students

Yup Malaysian students in Korea is a family.. Aww... So back in Malaysia during Raya someone came out with an idea of organizing an open house party in this Raya season. It was held in a potluck style where most attendees would bring a plate to serve. I didn't know what to prepare the day before, so I asked the kid what he would want to prepare, well we are sharing our food why not ask his opinion. He said nah just bring an empty stomach. I was like, okay.

Then the next morning I decided to at least prepare something for the open house. I know other kids would expect me to bring something and it would be sort of rude for me to just go empty handed and eat. So I just boil a pack of some thin spaghetti sticks and mix them with mushroom sauce from a can that I brought from Malaysia. It was erm.. edible?

Some other kids also baked some cakes and also brought some from Malaysia. Especially those scrumptious Sarawak Layer Cake.

Don't forget the beverages...

Someone is busy preparing some rendang...

Once a model, always will be a model.

Just some computer games... Slender and Sniper Elite V2 were just awesome to pass the time.

A kid was found too elated to hold a full frame Canon 5D in his hands.

Another kid was busy cooking, well he is our version of 'Kitchen Boss'.

Some food testing before commencing the open house wouldn't hurt...

The faces of 'Mission Accomplished' after completing the mission impossible task of making rendang...

Some DSLR instagramming...

The table is now nearly full...

Let the open house begin!

After eating I'm back with my other lens. A full stomach is a happy stomach.

So that's how we done our open house in the corridor.

The food was awesome, had a great time together, so now let's usher in the 2012 Autumn Winter semester~! All the best!



I found out that some people were confused about my statement up there.. I LOL'ed hard! The potluck was among the students of Dongyang which are the hosts of the party. Students from other universities could just come and eat and make the party merrier! Look at the original plan. Wouldn't it be 'unruly' for me to come empty handed when everybody else cooked up their kitchen out for the open house? Take my words a little more lightly next time maybe~

Actually the spaghetti was just an experiment! It was actually my first time making it. Thank you people for eating it! I'm not a pro cook yet. Still improving.. But the highlight was Hatta's Mee bandung and Muni's mee sup which was just superb! I wish there would be another open house like this next year! Stay tuned for more and see ya around!

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