Monday, 17 September 2012

This Weekend Through My Lens (Malaysia Day 2012)

So it all started with this picture I took last Friday before the Friday prayers in Itaewon, Seoul. Just for fun.

Seoul Grand Mosque

Then the next day I went to a meeting for this year's students association magazine editors somewhere near Korea University and since I'm close why not I get some shots of the place. Too bad I forgot to charge my batteries and it ran out of juice in the middle of the trip. Too bad. But I luckily I could scavenge some power to get this shot.

Korea University

And today while I was bored sitting at home I ran out to the supermarket to buy some stuff. Actually I intended of going to Yoeido Park for the sunset view but by the time I left I was already late for the sunset. So half way in the journey I turned back and got this shot instead. That's my school! A silhouette of it perhaps.

If one would need to know I used a small aperture of f/8 for landscapes and I shot this using RAW format. The shutter speed was also not enough for hand holding so I was bracing the camera on a signboard hanged on the railings of the elevated pedestrian crossing for stability. Dat plane...

Traffic into the Sunset

The next photo is about the symmetric shapes and guide lines of the stairs.. OH SHUT UP~! *smosh style. I suck in arts. The photo is a photo of the flight of stairs that I will descend to get home in a few seconds later after pressing the shutter button for this shot. End of story. ;-p

The Pedestrian Crossing from Lotte Mart Guro

I would like to use this opportunity to wish all Malaysians happy Malaysia Day! Have a great week ahead. Oh slowly I will go around town for more shots so stay tuned for more folks!
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