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What Food to Bring Overseas? (Students Edition)

Yay kite nak fly pegi oversea.. Kita nak naik kapal terbang, pegi tempat sejuk luar negara, blablabla. Tapi nak fly nak bawak makanan apa ah?

Straight to the point. You're one of those boys who got your mum and your sisters to cook everything up for you at home and at school you get those mess hall aunties working to serve you food. Now you're packing to go study for years thousands of miles from home. Most were like oh we're so screwed we're gonna starve to death there but no somehow you're gonna have to learn how to get raw food above fire and make it edible. This is my guide on what foods to bring overseas even if you're a useless cook.

harap korang takde masalah nak faham isi citer ni walaupun wa tulis dalam BI.

You're going overseas you're not going to bring your whole house with you. But you can't go empty handed and be a beggar and a burden to your friends once you're there. The best way to pack for a trip is one big bag of maybe the size of 24 inches (or a little larger as long as you can carry it alone by your own strength; say down a flight of stairs) and one small hand carry bag for 18 inches. You would want to bring a backpack to keep that laptop and other stuff you like. You're going to carry that laptop bag and the small 18 inch bag with you on board the flight while the big bag is gonna be checked in.

Never bring a bag too big that you cant even carry when it is filled because you're gonna have to drag it from the airport to your new house. We just can't be sure of how smooth the road from the airport to your new home is. Maybe you might need to carry it along a flight of stairs and whatsoever so keep that in mind before buying the biggest bag you see. So now let's talk about food. What to bring? It varies greatly with the destination country but I'm gonna tell you mine. Good luck.


I know. So I got sent to Seoul. Being an Asian country, I can still find rice cheaply almost everywhere. You know how to cook some rice the right way right? If you can't I'm, gonna show you in a future post that will be linked up here. But I'm gonna talk about the stuff you need to make some chicken or any type of Malaysian curry.

The best way to cheat is to buy these packs of ready made gravies;

But they are freaking expensive and heavy (because of the liquid and stuff in it). It can also be used only once if you're cooking for like three people or two eating machines. To save money and weight a bit you can still buy this;

All you need to do is read the instructions at the back, usually frying the paste with the chicken for a while, then add water and bring it to a boil. And you will need this;

Santan powder. Mix it up with some water, add it to the curry, bring it to a quick boil, add a pinch of salt if you like and you're good to go. But if you're a dirt cheap guy wanting to save more space get this;

But to get the most out of it you gotta know how to saute some onions, garlic, spices and stuff.. But still bring this because for a meal I for two I could use half of them. Just follow the instructions at the back of the packet. You'll be just fine. Oh another variation but the preparation methods are almost the same, try this;

Besides that, another easy meal is fried rice. Get these guys, they're dirt cheap.

For the powder ones you can saute some onions with a little bit of oil if you like more flavor and add cooked rice into it. Then mix in the powder. I like it that way although you can just spread a little oil on the pan, throw the rice in and mix the powder. At the back is the same thing in the form of a paste. Costs and weighs a little extra, but it tastes a lot better. Trust me.


These cubes can do wonders for you. You can make chicken soup, chicken curry, porridge and so much more. 

These stir fry sambal tumis is just awesome. It tastes as good as the real thing. It is in paste form, kinda heavy but it is a must bring item for me.

If not the sambal, use dried chili to spice up your cooking. You wouldn't want to put too much. 

If not that, you can bring these. It works okay. I chose this brand instead of Allagapa's that tasted better because this brand has a longer expiry date. Any brand is okay it is just chili. 

A must have! Of course the country you are going to have milk and sugar so you can enjoy this right away. Oh this is a small can. I prefer this instead of the packet ones because I want an airtight container. Luckily now it is imported to Korea from Malaysia and now I can buy it here! 

It is always a good idea to bring a bottle of soy sauce. The Korean ones are saltier. I prefer the sweet ones back in Malaysia. I did bring some from Malaysia in a cleaned and dried pepsi bottle. Trust me, if you do the bottle change in a clean environment it can last for a year in the refrigerator.

Another Malaysian product that is imported to Korea! Glad to have these here. Eating french fries with tomato ketchup is just not the way to live.

Anchovies! You can fry em, toss em with some onions and oil for fried rice and so much more. Lovely.

So I make my own curry here. I usually buy boneless processed halal chicken it doesn't smell much but when I use chicken with bones, i gotta use this to get rid of the 'chicken'-ey smell.

Another alternative to the expensive paste! Add coconut milk and you're gonna be fine.


If you're too lazy to cook, pop this out of the packet, heat it up in a pan and you got a quick meal. The chicken won't taste so good though. It tastes like canned food cooked with steam kinda stuff.

This cost a lot! But they are superb. Must have.

You don't need to be rich to be a fat ass lazy bum. Everybody loves instant noodles.

Pop em out of the can or saute them with some onions! Superb!

Buy some bread and spread this on it. Lovely.

There are tons more of stuff you can find on the supermarket to bring overseas other than the ones I showed above. So now you can start shopping and stop asking for your friends to fill your needs of Malaysian food because you're a lazy ass opportunistic brat.

WELL congratulations you're finally gonna go to the great countries out there to learn. Your siblings waited for this moment for so long to party rock with your clothes and use your room. Young jedi, may the food be with you.


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