Sunday, 18 November 2012

Seoul Lantern Festival 2012

Last night I was just at home and someone asked if I would like to go to the much loved restaurant by the Malaysian students here in Korea which is a place selling grilled seafood. I was like yea why not? So we went there. The place was somewhere in Sinchon.

I was not in the photographic mood, so noob picture time!

Although the temperatures has dropped significantly in the period of a few days ago and signalling winter is here, but autumn is not finished with us yet.

I was hungry so I kept eating and forgot to take any photos of the food. Plus nobody uses a DSLR to take pictures of food in noob mode, only istagram-bitches does it with their smartphones. Don't worry provided with smartphones I do it too so erm...

After eating all of the good stuff we decided to hit the Seoul Latern Fest in Chonggyechon. And we did. WARNING photos are taken in noob mode. That is why I wouldn't put any watermarks on them. But nobody goes full retard in noob mode so I did my best to balance my flash and exposure. IT WAS DARK! And these are not even processed in any way, straight out of the camera. I'm lazy yup.

Just look at the crowd. Gawd!

Aww look at those couples sending wishes in their lanterns. As forever aloners we were like "Just keep walking, Ain't nobody got time for that!"

It was dark and getting enough shutter speed was an arduous task.

That was our Assassin.

It was already 11pm and the temperature was freezing enough to make ice. Look, ice forming not inside but outside of the freezer. Hi winter.

So later we left for home and dive into our thick blankets to slumberland...

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etuza said...
Wow!! amazing..

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