Saturday, 8 December 2012

Three Days of Snow 2012

Just a gallery displaying the pictures I took for this winter. It has been snowing for three days and as people from the tropics we are much elated by this 'disaster'. It is freezing, but its fun! Oh the first picture is actually a photo from the second night or last Thursday. And the following are photos taken on the first day when snow fell last Wednesday.

If two days are not enough snow continues to fall on Seoul, it continues to the third day. Good time to have some fun in the fresh snow, and test my photography skills to the max in super low light situations!

That's all for three days of snow for now. I don't know if this snowfall continues for a fourth day this weekend. If it does, oh it will surely be very interesting. Want to know the secrets on how I got these photos? Then see you around as I will reveal them when I have the time for more photography articles soon. For now, season greetings from APKINS.


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