Wednesday, 29 January 2014

One Malaysian Morning - Samsung Galaxy S2 + VSCO cam

Let's start our day with some breakfast.

'Nasi Dagang' a delicacy that originated from the east coast states of the Malay Peninsula. Eaten with some chicken curry, its a lovely way to start the day. I got some Teh Tarik to go down with it. Now that's real Malaysian.

So a few weeks ago while I was out abroad and nobody was home, someone broke into our house. Luckily they didn't take much except for some cash and some wrist watches. But they ransacked our place in their search for valuables, leaving lots of stuff scattered on the floor. And I found an old photo album from 12 years ago!

Our fridge was empty because we are not at home for quite a while before this. Since we're back it's time to do some grocery shopping and restock at the neighbourhood wet market.

Next place, the watchmaker's shop. We bought some new watches as a souvenir for ourselves (and to replace the ones stolen) and we need to do some adjusting on the strap to ensure the watch wraps snugly on our wrist.

I really like the places like these. I can trust my precious watch in the time tested, skilful hands of old watchmakers. There are too many places that hire inexperienced people to handle these delicate watches, no way. This uncle is the best.

This is my first automatic watch. A watch that runs without a battery, it is capable of generating its own energy from the movements of our body. And look at those gears! Coolest watch I've ever own.

Time to go home.

Lot's of Proton cars on the road. The Malaysian spirit is strong in this post.

It's good to be back in Malaysia.


All photos were captured using a Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE and edited using VSCO cam app.

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Mustaffa Yasin said...

guna kamera apa pon.. gambar yg bro ambil tetap best!!!

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